New on-demand shared mobility service launches in Bordeaux

Posted: 8 November 2018 | | No comments yet

For the first time in France, a new, real-time, on-demand shared mobility service will offer passengers comfortable journeys and provide connections between modes of public transport.


Keolis has launched KE’OP, its new, shared mobility service on demand, for the first time in France.

This will enable faster, easier and more comfortable journeys in the Bordeaux metropolitan area, serving its major residential and business areas spanning approximately 50km², which includes the university campus, the airport and several hospitals.

This new mobility service also provides connections to the public transport network of the metropole (tram lines A and B).

The new service is 100 per cent digital and available for a fixed price of €5 regardless of the journey’s distance within the dedicated zone that is in place.

Residents, students and employees of Bordeaux will be able, through the KE’OP app, to log on and choose their pick-up and drop-off points. The app indicates the most convenient pick-up point near their indicated address and gives an estimated waiting time. The trips can be booked in advance or at the last minute.

Keolis is investing in this new service over a period of 18 months, to demonstrate the relevance of this new mode of travel in developing existing public transport networks in areas of medium population density. Thanks to its zonal coverage and real-time operation, this service provides a better response to the changing mobility requirements of users.

The format of the vehicles and the effective sharing of journeys means no detours have to occur and the optimal pick-up and drop-off points are provided; reducing the overall cost of the service.

The flexibility offered by this new mode of transport ensures efficient and practical development of multimodality usage. The shared journeys and the modal shift promoted in this manner help to reduce urban congestion and the impact on the environment.

Jean-Pierre Farandou, Executive Chairman of Keolis Group, said: “This new shared mobility offer, on demand and dynamic, is truly a new mode of transport, which should enable us to better meet the needs of transport authorities in areas where density does not justify the installation of major transport network lines. With KE’OP, Keolis offers everyone an innovative transport service on demand, a real alternative to the individual car.”

Via is a partner of the project and was responsible for developing the KE’OP app.

Clara Fain, Financial Director of Via, said: “Via technology optimally integrates dynamic shuttle networks with public transport infrastructure all over the world, from Singapore to New York, reinventing shared mobility with a practical, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution on demand. More and more cities are looking for innovative solutions to complement and improve existing public transport offers. We are delighted to join forces with Keolis to launch this revolutionary service in the western Bordeaux region.”

A comfortable journey is provided to passengers in one of 10 class V Mercedes-Benz vans. These large multi-purpose vehicles provide eight individual leather seats and can, as Harry Salamon, Managing Director Mercedes-Benz Vans, explained: “Carry a significant number of passengers while reducing traffic and local emissions. Mercedes-Benz France aims to go further in the future by duplicating the KE’OP service, but with electric shuttles, in other major French cities.”