Bird unveils new e-scooter designed for every day shared use

Posted: 5 October 2018 | | No comments yet

The new e-scooter features a long-lasting battery, solid core tyres, durable chassis and improved lighting to enhance the rider experience.


Credit: Bird

Bird has unveiled Bird Zero, the first ‘rugged’ e-scooter designed and engineered by Bird specifically for long-lasting every day shared use.

The new e-scooter was manufactured in collaboration with Okai.

The new two-wheeler is scheduled to be deployed to markets across the U.S. and will provide riders with a larger battery life for a longer range, better lighting for increased visibility and enhanced durability for a longer life-span.

The battery life has been extended by 60 per cent, which means longer rides can be experienced, and more riders served per day. The ride stability has been improved with solid tyres and a wider, more durable chassis with a low centre of gravity.

There is also an integrated digital display that enables the rider to easily view the speed (which does not exceed 15mph) and remaining battery. Improved GPS technology within the e-scooter will help customers more easily locate an available Bird.

“Bird was started as an experiment to test whether people would give up short car trips for environmentally-friendly rides on shared e-scooters,” said Travis VanderZanden, Bird Founder and CEO. “One year in, we have learned that we are solving a significant challenge for riders and cities who want to get cars off the road and carbon out of the air. Our new e-scooter fleet delivers riders a more reliable and longer-lasting ride.”