Sberbank Leasing have signed an agreement with PK Transport Systems

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This partnership will enable PK Transport Systems LLC to develop the transport infrastructure of Russian cities, and with this shared knowledge, the expertise in the field of electric transportation will increase.


Sberbank PJSC, Sberbank Leasing JSC and PK Transport Systems LLC signed a cooperation agreement on electric transportation and development of joint projects. The signing of the agreement took place within the framework of the InnoTrans 2018 exhibition.

PK Transport Systems Production Company is a Russian developer and manufacturer of up-to-date innovative urban electric transport. Established in 2013, the company united under the experience and competency of leading specialists from more than 30 cities of Russia and abroad, professionals in the industrial design, engineering developments, urban car building and transportational electronics. The company’s motto is – every new product shows its novelty and exclusiveness focused on the most advanced world technologies.

Kirill Tsaryov, the CEO of Sberbank Leasing, commented: “We are pleased to sign a cooperation agreement with the leading electric vehicle manufacturer. This partnership will enable us to develop the transport infrastructure of Russian cities. Our partners demonstrate a high level of expertise in the field of innovation and technological development, which will allow our company to increase its expertise in the field of electric transportation. In addition, Sberbank Leasing and PK Transport Systems’ joint activities will increase the competitiveness of Russian transportation internationally,” 

The signing ceremony was attended by the Senior Managing Director, Director of the Department for Customer Relations in the Regional Public Sector of Sberbank PJSC Mikhail Chachin, CEO of PK Transportation Systems OOO Aleksandr Dubrovkin and CEO of Sberbank Leasing Kirill Tsaryov.

The agreement lays down the development of cooperation between the parties on the territory of the Russian Federation and foreign countries, including Europe, The CIS and The EAEU. The main areas of cooperation include increasing the sales of electric vehicles through the use of leasing, provision of integrated banking tools and technologies for PK Transport Systems, as well as comprehensive informative and consulting cooperation on financial and investment support of companies. Sberbank Leasing JSC intends to provide advisory services in the field of leasing, as well as to expand product portfolios through vehicles manufactured by PK Transport Systems.

Mikhail Chachin, Senior Managing Director, Director of Customer Service at the Regional Public Sector at Sberbank PJSC, said: “We are confident that signed agreement is beneficial to all parties as it provides new opportunities, including individual financial solutions, setting up a new level of communication. Looking forward, it will contribute to the development of electric transportation system in Russia and ultimately improve quality of people’s lives.”

Felix Vinokur, President of PK Transport Systems, said: “The launch of Russian trams on an international market is an ambitious task, but we are quite capable. Russian trams have a number of competitive advantages compared to similar foreign products, which make their application in foreign infrastructure a matter of time. Signing an agreement with such large financial organisation as Sberbank allows us to be more flexible and competitive, both in Russia and on international market.”

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