Gatwick launches world-first incentivised car-pooling service for staff

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Staff who give lifts to colleagues are now allocated preferential parking at Gatwick Airport; reducing emissions and pollution across the country.


Gatwick Airport

Gatwick has become the first airport in the world to launch an innovative car-pooling service that offers staff preferential parking spaces and tracks their associated reduction in vehicle miles and emissions in real time.

The service, in partnership with Faxi, collects data from each shared journey (via an app) to incentivise drivers with access to preferential parking bays in their existing car park.

Over time, drivers who regularly transport the most passengers will be given the opportunity to upgrade to a staff car park of their choice. These car parks are located up to one mile closer to the terminal buildings, meaning up to 40 minutes of commuting per day could be saved. 

Gatwick Airport’s Head of Car Parking, Gary Wallace, said: “I am pleased to announce Gatwick is partnering with Faxi as the airport continues to expand its portfolio of sustainable travel and parking schemes for both passengers and staff at the airport.

“Faxi allows our staff to not only save money and share travel costs but also reduce their car emissions and traffic on local roads at the same time, which once again demonstrates Gatwick’s commitment to being the UK’s most environmentally friendly airport.”

The Faxi app identifies other staff on the driver’s route and the diversion available to complete the pick-up. This allows drivers to fill their vehicle with passengers and minimise their environmental impact.

According to research, only approximately 10 per cent of people in UK regularly share their journeys while the average UK worker will spend 400 days of their life commuting. However, further research suggested that nearly half of all people in the UK would share a journey with someone they know.

The scheme’s environmental benefits support the airport’s commitment to operating and developing in a sustainable way. Gatwick has recently launched a new 100 per cent electric car-sharing service, in partnership with Bluecity cars, giving people a convenient, zero emissions travel option for getting directly on and off the airport.

Faxi CEO and Founder, Tony Lynch, said: “It’s fantastic to be operating incentivised car-pooling at the massive Gatwick Airport campus. Gatwick commuters can now verify they are car-pooling and be upgraded to better parking, reducing their commute by up to an hour a day. Our technology, combined with Gatwick’s commitment to car-pooling, could result in the world’s largest verified carpool network saving millions of driven miles.”

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