On-demand shared mobility arrives in Tokyo due to Via’s new partnership

Posted: 3 August 2018 | | 1 comment

Passengers travelling in the same direction within the urban areas of Tokyo will now be collected and transported by shared mobility.


A partnership between Mori Building Company and Via has resulted in the launch of an on-demand transit service in Tokyo, providing the city with a new transportation solution.

Using the Via-powered HillsVia mobile app, Mori Building employees will be able to book a ride in V-Class vans provided by Mercedes-Benz. Via’s technology matches multiple passengers headed in the same direction and directs the vehicle in real time along an optimised, efficient route. The new service will initially be available to approximately 1,300 Mori Building employees.

“Via’s vision is to provide cutting-edge mobility solutions that are smart, efficient and help to reduce congestion and emissions globally,” said Daniel Ramot, co-Founder and CEO of Via.

Mori’s Tokyo service is the first in Japan to introduce Via’s dynamic on-demand shared rides. Via’s technology is currently operating around the globe with projects in the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and beyond. 

Via partners with public transportation authorities, transit operators, taxi fleets and private companies around the world to solve local mobility needs for cities of all sizes.

In the Japanese market, Via has been able to integrate with existing fixed-route transportation infrastructure, filling gaps where existing transit isn’t easily accessible, using a system that efficiently works to collect multiple passengers into shared vehicles. This reduces single-occupancy vehicle trips, improves traffic congestion and lessens carbon emissions.

The easy-to-use mobile interface is suited to riders of all ages, including the elderly.

“Via’s on-demand shuttle services, with their efficient algorithms, will contribute to solving the problems of urban transportation such as traffic congestion and environmental pollution. This service will improve city life by increasing transportation options in urban areas,” said Masahiko Ogasawara, Director and Executive Managing Officer of Mori Building Company, Ltd.

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  1. a pity that these cars are not yet electric and automated

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