The European Commission’s Horizon 2020 statistics rank UITP in first place

Posted: 31 July 2018 | | No comments yet

UITP achieves top ranking in Horizon’s official statistics – a sign of the internationally recognised role the association plays in the field of transport research and innovation.


The European Commission has updated their H2020 statistics for the period 2014-2017, which ranked UITP first for transport research in all of Belgium and second in Belgian NGOs for European Union funds for research with 21 projects.

On a globe scale – with other countries considered – UITP is ranked as the second NGO for research on city topics and achieves this ranking with a focus only on transport research.

“This achievement shows not only UITP’s ability to attract EU research funding, but also the key role UITP plays in research and innovation within the transport sector,” said Umberto Guida, Director of Research and Innovation, UITP. “Recognition from the European Commission through the H2020 statistics shows that UITP is known for the quality of its work and for its independence and transparency. With total engagement in almost 50 projects in the last 10 years, UITP is recognised as the leader in innovation for the public transport sector.”

This achievement shows the credibility of UITP as the umbrella association of the public transport community and the outstanding work of UITP’s Research and Innovation team.

Mohamed Mezghani, UITP Secretary General, said: “This enormous achievement shows the outstanding work of UITP and the quality of the entire team involved in research and innovation. The projects are carried out for UITP’s members by involving our members in their implementation. The benefits received by our members are shown in their active involvement and in converting the project outputs into large-scale solutions. As a member-led association, the success of our projects is great news for all involved.”