Rio de Janeiro chooses Goal Systems for the automation of the metro network

Posted: 14 March 2012 | Goal Systems | No comments yet

MetrôRio, will implant the solution of Goal Systems for the optimal planification and scheduling of the city’s underground…


MetrôRio, the private company that operates the Rio de Janeiro Metro, will implant the solution of the Spanish company Goal Systems for the optimal planification and scheduling of the city’s underground, constituted by the GoalRail® metro and GoalDriver®.

TrainIn late 2011, MetrôRio initiated an international selection process, with the aim of implanting a system to automate, optimize and simulate the planification and scheduling of the trains and drivers. Through a selective process, MetrôRio chose Goal Systems for the implementation of this system.

Rio de Janeiro is living an economic renaissance driven by the important international events that will occur in the next few years, events that include the 2016 Olympic Games. One of the key aspects to overcome the challenges that the late Brazilian capital will have to face is the consolidation of a modern and sustainable transport system.

With the backing of Goal Systems’ experience in similar projects, it will be possible to conduct and implement GoalRail® metro and GoalDriver® in a small stretch of time.

This project will be fulfilled in a partnership between Goal Systems and RJ Consultores, a company with more tan 35 years experience in activities such as planification, implantation and operation of computing areas, organization, systems and methods.