Dijon becomes first French transport network to accept contactless card payments

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For the first time in France, a transport network has equipped its trams with contactless validation terminals, enabling passengers to pay for their journeys on board using contactless cards…

Contactless cards have become tickets for the first time in France

Dijon Métropole, Keolis, the Caisse d’Epargne de Bourgogne Franche-Comté, Visa and Worldline have together announced the launch of a new open payment for public transport in Dijon.

For the first time in France, when passengers board a tram in Dijon, they will now be able to pay with a contactless payment card, regardless of their bank. This innovation, available throughout Dijon’s two tram lines, will be extended to the city’s bus routes in a second phase.

The new payment solution enables users to avoid queuing and purchasing tickets from vending machines. They can travel knowing that they always pay the lowest price for their journeys and do not have to present a paper ticket to controllers. This open payment system implements the pricing rules in force for standard tickets: €1.30 per journey, valid for one hour on the two tram lines, and €3.90 for a daily pass.

During inspections, a simple validation of the user’s contactless payment card on the controller’s terminal is sufficient to prove the right to travel.

‘On Dijon’ is a contract for the creation and management of a connected ‘cockpit’ of public space facilities in the 24 districts of the city and will be launched in late 2018. Following this, Dijon Métropole and its partners will continue with regional transformations. The new technologies being welcomed into the transport network positions Dijon Métropole as an example of sustainable development.

“The launch of Open Payment in Dijon is a technological achievement that we are pleased to see coming to fruition today alongside Keolis and our partners. By combining our expertise in payment and transport, we have managed to deploy an end-to-end solution ranging from the supply of validation equipment to the processing of transactions and payments, via interfacing with Natixis Payment Services banking system. This innovative solution enables us to improve the user experience today for public transport and tomorrow for all transport and day-to-day services such as car parks, museums and sports centres”, explained Pascal Mauzé, Head of Global Sales and Marketing at Worldline.

“Cities today ensure greater efficiency in public services and consistency of action within one area. This is not a hegemonic role, but a unifying one, involving major innovative projects for the residents of Dijon and the wider region,” said François Rebsamen, Chair of Dijon Métropole.

As a benchmark partner for the areas being transformed, Keolis is helping Dijon Métropole to design an optimised universal transport provision that is adapted to the needs of each passenger. With this open payment project, Keolis is developing a new connected transport experience that is smoother and more enjoyable on a daily basis.

“With a visionary and pioneering ‘smart city’ transport policy, this new project confirms the goal of Dijon Métropole to improve the day-to-day transport experience within its region and to simplify access to public transport for everyone,” said Frédéric Baverez, Executive Director of Keolis France. “With this new project, we are helping to optimise the day-to-day transport experience of the city’s inhabitants as well as its many visitors.”  

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