Big data-enabled cyber-security solution for connected vehicles unveiled

Posted: 27 February 2018 | | No comments yet

Argus Cyber Security and Ericsson have collaborated to provide cyber-security across the connected vehicle ecosystem, helping to protect the privacy of customers…

Big data-enabled cyber-security solution for connected vehicles unveiled

Argus Cyber Security has collaborated with Ericsson to provide seamless cyber-security for the connected automotive ecosystem, across cloud services, fleets and vehicles.

Alongside the increase of connected vehicles and their services is the growth of cyber-threats. Recent cyber-attacks via connected services have illustrated to manufacturers how securing vehicles and passengers from attacks is paramount to gaining consumer trust, success and safety.

The collaboration involves integrating Argus Security Operation Center with Ericsson’s Connected Vehicle Cloud platform; providing manufacturers with an additional layer of security that leverages intelligence findings across both platforms. The combined insights equip automakers with actionable intelligence derived from big data analysis across millions of connected vehicles and their cloud services. This enables early identification of the first signs of an attack campaign and can mitigate its damage by immunising the fleet in hours.

In addition, Argus’ multi-layered cyber-security solutions provide real-time protection from cyber-attacks, including attacks originating from smart-phone applications.

“In order to enable an increasing number of vehicle cloud services to interact with a vehicle, the automotive industry recognises the need for a holistic cyber-security strategy, which demands multi-layered, end-to-end cyber-security covering every node in the ecosystem,” said Yoni Heilbronn, Chief Marketing Officer, Argus Cyber Security. “Together with Ericsson, we are helping ensure security and privacy through comprehensive cyber-security solutions and services, while simultaneously maintaining consumer trust and brand identity.”

The collaboration leverages Ericsson’s communications expertise, built over 140 years and from connecting billions of people through connectivity infrastructure and Argus’ decades of experience in cyber-security and automotive, as well as the innovation of 39 granted and pending patents.