Seattle is now home to the US’ largest shared electric-assist bike scheme

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The introduction of LimeBike’s electric-assist bike scheme to Seattle makes the city home to America’s largest ever shared e-bike fleet…

Seattle is now home to the US' largest shared electric-assist bike scheme

LimeBike has launched its first electric-assist bike fleet in Seattle as part of the nation’s largest shared electric-assist bike release in history.

The electric-assist bikes, called Lime-E, cost riders $1 to unlock and an additional $0.10 per minute of riding time. These updated prices enable Lime-E to be one of the most affordable modes of transportation whilst offering upgraded technology and faster speeds.

Seattle riders can therefore get to their destinations quicker whilst spending less money compared to driving or using traditional ride-share services. The maximum speed on the bikes is 14.8mph and the power automatically adjusts to the users’ natural pedal speed. LimeBike says that the e-bikes will easily climb the 30-degree hills in Seattle.

“Lime-E will provide Seattle with a fast, efficient, equitable source of first-and-last mile transportation at no cost to the city and minimal cost to riders,” said Toby Sun, co-Founder and CEO of LimeBike. “We are constantly transforming and adapting our fleet to fit the needs of each market and we’re excited to offer our electric assist bikes to Seattle first.”

Seattle now have more shared e-bikes than any other city in the country. In the coming months, LimeBike plans to introduce Lime-E beyond Seattle, including Southern California and the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Lime-E usage is already proving successful in pilot markets by increasing the usage of pedal bikes.

After the first market launch in June 2017, LimeBike is currently available in 45 locations, making it the fastest-growing smart bike-share in the US, with the e-assist launch acting as part of LimeBike’s transition into a smart mobility solution provider.

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