40 gas Solaris buses have been ordered by Ostrava

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The second-biggest order ever of compressed natural gas vehicles from the polish company has been placed and they will help to improve the Czech city’s pollution levels…

40 gas Solaris buses have been ordered by Ostrava

Solaris Bus & Coach S.A. has signed a contract with Ostrava-based Dopravní Podnik for 40 new Solaris Urbino 12 compressed natural gas (CNG) buses.

Twenty four of the 40 new Solaris Urbino 12 CNG buses will make it to the Czech city of Ostrava by the end of 2018. The remaining 16 vehicles shall be delivered in the first quarter of 2019.

On-board the new buses 80 passengers will able to fit, with air-conditioning, Wi-Fi and easily accessible USB ports. The external and internal lighting will be made of environmentally friendly and economical LED lamps. Fuelled with low-emission CNG stored in composite CNG tanks with a total capacity of 1,575 litres, the buses will reduce air pollution and help encourage sustainability throughout the city.

“I am extremely glad about the possibility to carry out yet another order for Ostrava. It is not only our first customer in the Czech Republic but also the first (in 2000) foreign buyer in Solaris’ history altogether. In 18 years of collaboration we have supplied 250 buses and trolleybuses to Ostrava,” noted Zbigniew Palenica, Vice-CEO of Solaris Bus & Coach S.A.

The value of the contract nearly reaches £950,000, making it the second-biggest contract of the Polish manufacturer for compressed natural gas fuelled buses in the Czech Republic. After completion of the deliveries scheduled for 2018, the total number of Solaris vehicles on the Czech market will exceed 1,000 buses and trolleybuses.