Tait Communications unveils new global identity

Posted: 30 January 2012 | Tait Communications | No comments yet

Tait Communications have unveiled its new-look brand and website…

Tait Communications Europe logo

Tait Communications has unveiled its new-look brand and website today to better reflect the global company’s transformation into a world-leading solutions provider.

James Kyd, Tait Chief Marketing Officer, says: “This signals the beginning of a very exciting time for Tait and our global customers.

“The new identity represents an ongoing business transformation that we have been involved in for the past two years, and better reflects the business we are now in and the ways we are delivering value to our customers around the world.

“What Tait has excelled at for over 42 years—and what we will continue to focus on even more as we move into the future—is truly listening to our customers and being willing to work alongside them to deliver the outcomes that really matter to them.”

James says the decision to move from Tait Radio Communications to Tait Communications is reflective of the broader space that Tait is now engaging with its global customers.

“Radio remains a core element of our offerings, but our solutions today include much more than just radios. Our customers turn to us for the complete communications system, sourced, deployed, supported and managed in a fully integrated way, demonstrating an intimate understanding of their needs.

“The new identity captures the very essence of Tait’s culture—our customers—who at the heart of everything we do as a company.

“Our customers’ needs drive every decision, and this is reflected in Tait’s new brand statement: ‘Devoted to your cause™’.

“Every day, in over 150 countries and supported by an extensive network of global facilities, we are working alongside our customers to help them keep the lights on, cities working and communities safe,” adds James.

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