PTV invests in intelligent traffic control

Posted: 24 January 2012 | PTV AG | No comments yet

PTV AG intensifies cooperation with GEVAS software GmbH / Enhanced range of ITS solutions for urban traffic management…

PTV AG intensifies cooperation with GEVAS software GmbH / Enhanced range of ITS solutions for urban traffic management.

The German software provider PTV AG now expands its lead in the transportation solutions market based on intelligent traffic control: on 1 January 2012, it entered a cooperation agreement with GEVAS software, a leading traffic engineering firm from Munich. PTV has acquired GEVAS product rights to extend its product portfolio with important ITS software components (Intelligent Transportation Systems). GEVAS, on the other hand, will be able to sharpen its profile as project and integration solutions partner. PTV has also taken a minority stake in GEVAS, further strengthening the companies’ close ties. The long-term cooperation will enable the development of seamlessly integrated solutions for traffic management and traffic control.

PTV AG will strengthen its position as a smart software company through this new cooperation. “GEVAS software components complement and support our product portfolio,” explains PTV Board member Dr-Ing. Thomas Schwerdtfeger. “Our aim is to develop and further enhance open systems and standards so that they can be used for any system integrator.”

GEVAS project and integration solutions business will also benefit from its closer cooperation with PTV: the Munich-based transportation experts will be proactively supported by PTV’s global distributor and partner network. Moreover, they will receive fresh impetus from the project business in Karlsruhe.

The wide range of customers includes cities, municipalities, regional authorities, system integrators, automobile manufacturers and mobility service providers. They will benefit from a unique spectrum of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for transportation management and traffic control which ranges from strategic road network planning and generation of traffic information for navigation systems to intelligent signal control, for example.

Joining forces for success

Both PTV and GEVAS have extensive expertise in the ITS market and have worked on several common projects, such as dMotion in Düsseldorf, Germany, Vienna Region in Austria and Traffic Management for the City of Edmonton in Canada. The new cooperation is basically the continuation of the ITS Seamless Initiative which was founded by both companies in 2010.

Management changes at GEVAS

Besides GEVAS founder and managing director Herwig Wulffius, Dr-Ing. Gerhard Ploss (PTV) and Dr-Ing. Frank Offermann (GEVAS) have been appointed managing directors of GEVAS software GmbH. The former managing director Michael Ganser has stepped down from his position as member of the management board.