Greater efficiency and improved passenger information in Ingolstadt

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INVG, has opted for an integrated ITS and Ticketing system from INIT offering numerous synergy effects…

The Ingolstadt-based transport company, INVG, has opted for an integrated ITS and Ticketing system from INIT offering numerous synergy effects. A combined vehicle equipment which controls all ITCS and Ticketing functionality provides investment cost savings whilst the link with the existing planning system allows for fully integrated data supply processes.

The INVG already uses the planning software MOBILE-PLAN supplied by INIT’s subsidiary initplan. And now, in the course of introducing a fleet management system, INVG has chosen INIT’s Intermodal Transport Control System MOBILE-ITCS. The system from INIT, which is already being used by many public transport authorities worldwide, was INVG‘s first choice.

Complete solution for traffic management and ticketing

As a central management tool, the ITCS provides the dispatcher with all the necessary information to manage the traffic efficiently at a glance. The ITCS shows the locations of all vehicles, and graphically summarizes the information on a comprehensive map. Traffic disruptions are indicated immediately by reports on affected vehicles or by system alarms. The ITCS supports the dispatchers by giving automated suggestions to resolve the problems and restore to regular service.

The core element in the vehicles is the combined on-board computer and ticket printer EVENDpc, which functions as a complete solution to all ticketing and ITCS processes in the vehicle. It ensures a perfect communication flow with the control center, and a reliable data supply and data disposal in the vehicle. EVENDpc also supports the traditional sale of tickets, whilst its on-board computer element manages all passenger information.

Passengers of INVG are the winners

The passengers of INVG will be the main beneficiaries in the introduction of the new control and information system. By linking to other information systems such as DEFAS, (implemented on January 1st 2011 as Bayern-Fahrplan), and through real-time data transfer, the INVG will offer its passengers a smooth and timely service with secure connections. Stop information will be announced in the vehicle by on-board speakers and TFT displays provided by INIT. With these service improvements, INVG hopes to further convince car users to increase their usage of buses and trains in the future.

The new ITCS will offer other transport companies the opportunity to join the system. “This is precisely the strength of our system – it is an intermodal, interoperable and multi-client capable system. That means it integrates and processes the data out of different sources. It is also possible that other transport companies can connect without jeopardizing the privacy of their own information and data. The system will increase their operating efficiency whilst enabling new services for passengers in the Ingolstadt region,” said Dr. Jürgen Greschner, board member of INIT.

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