ASK supplies contactless cards and tickets for Autolib’ project

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IER, Autolib’ System Integrator, has selected ASK contactless smart cards and tickets for this project…

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ASK, a worldwide leading supplier of contactless technology, announces that IER, Autolib’ System Integrator, has selected ASK contactless smart cards and tickets for this project. ASK also delivers all SAMs (Secure Access Module) for the reloading stations of the electric vehicles.

ASK cards and tickets are based on Mifare™ NXP chips. Various cards and tickets will be available to cover subscribers or occasional usage for this new mobility service.

“We are proud to be part of this project. It will no doubt make life easier for thousands of Paris inhabitants and visitors, says Christophe Peix, Sales Director at ASK. An expert in contactless technology, ASK masters cards and tickets as well as security management of the system. ASK is also a major supplier of the other teleticketing media in the Ile de France region, it was another asset for the selection.”

Autolib’ is a car rental service with electric vehicles available 24 hours a day. The service targets citizens within Paris who would need the car for short or occasional journeys. Autolib’s goal is to decrease private car usage within the capital city.

Apart from being an international show case for electric vehicles, a skillfully mastered mobility is a real asset for environmental issues: less greenhouse gas emission, less noise disturbance, less kilometers for private drivers…

Electric vehicles are part of sustainable policy of large cities

Soft and non polluting transport modes such as bikes and electric cars fit the sustainable development policy of large cities round the world.

For electric vehicles Mobi.e project in Portugal, ASK supplied CPL108 couplers for reloading stations. Launched at the beginning of the year, this new transport mode adds up to the other modes of public transport that have used ASK contactless ticketing for years.

Citizens living in Nice and nearby cities enjoyed this service since April 2011, with Auto bleue. Nice had already rolled out Vélobleu, the self-service bike rental similar to Velib’. This service is available in more than 20 cities worldwide. ASK contactless cards and tickets allow millions of bike users to ride every year…




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