KSW Microtec moves into the fast lane for eTicketing

Posted: 11 October 2011 | Wise Media S.p.A. | No comments yet

KSW Microtec, is extending production capacity following an acceleration in the adoption of its eTicketing solutions…

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KSW Microtec, one of the world’s leading suppliers of RFID components and inlays for secure cards and eDocuments, is extending production capacity following an acceleration in the adoption of its eTicketing solutions, as transport operators worldwide gear up to improve efficiencies through the introduction of eTicketing systems across all modes of public transport.

As a leading supplier in eTicketing in Europe and worldwide, KSW serves this growth trend with their certified and standardized inlays for eTicketing. KSW has already received large volume orders for 2011 and is producing tens of millions of ticket inlays to meet this demand, indicating a sustained increase for RFID based eTicketing. Customers also benefit from an extension to KSW’s inlay production facility being put in place during Q4 2011, featuring a state-of-the-art assembly line with new equipment, more capacity and improved manufacturing processes. This drive is further enhanced through the provision of customized products generated from different ISO14443/ISO15693 chips in combination with a variety of alternative antenna designs. These provide maximum inlay flexibility for tickets, cards and other form factors such as key fobs.

“This new installation for increased production capacity reflects our ongoing commitment to provide maximum flexibility, uncompromised productivity and on-time delivery for our customers,” said Thomas Hitzer, CEO of KSW Microtec.

The range of ticketing applications where KSW’s inlay technology is speeding passengers on their journeys, is active in many public transportation networks in major European Cities, following increasing numbers of metropolitan areas adapting their public transportation networks to embrace new RFID based eTicketing schemes. This has been further accelerated since last year’s EU directive 2010/40/EU on the framework for the deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Member States and their competent authorities are now focusing on achieving frameworks for multimodal interoperable ticketing. Meanwhile in the US, KSW’s inlays are also in place in high volume ticketing solutions for public transit system. These include the ‘Easy Ticket for the Miami Dade Transit, the ‘Muni Ticket’ operating in San Francisco’s Municipal Transportation Agency and the ‘Transit Access Pass’ for the Los Angeles Country Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

“This widespread adoption of our certified ticket inlays by many major cities’ transport companies reflects the commitment of our own valued customers who, as ticket converters, convert transport operators to using KSW inlay products in their ticketing systems. It also confirms the necessary role our products play in ensuring efficiency and security in modern and secure public transit systems, worldwide,” adds Thomas Hitzer.

As a technology, RFID for municipal transport services generates considerable benefits such as lower maintenance costs, faster service rates and prevention of fraudulent actions, as well as improved passenger convenience. In addition, low-cost contactless ticketing allows transport operators to optimize their tariff policy to improve transparency and to maximize revenues through better data-collection and a high flexibility in regards to pricing strategies.

As well as public transport, the market for event ticketing is a major growth area for RFID, with KSW strong involvement in this sector. Not only do RFID-enabled tickets increase identification security, they also ensure quick and more comfortable access for visitors and, in combination with extended functionalities such as payment, add value to the ticket. KSW ticket inlays serve adventure parks, exhibition tickets and sport events worldwide. As RFID technology combines with other innovative ID technologies, such as NFC, KSW’s prelaminate family of products and its Mobile Phone Sticker with ticketing and loyalty functions, also fulfills many market challenges in the world of advanced ticketing.