Hong Kong Tramways: Refurbishment

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Hong Kong Tramways Limited, contacted MBD Design in order to create a new renovated version of the town’s double-decker trams…

Double Decker Tram

Hong Kong Tramways Limited, which is owned by French multinational Veolia, contacted MBD Design in order to create a new renovated version of the town’s double-decker trams.

Double Decker TramIn the past, different internal projects were undertaken but could not be accepted by the passengers as they were not respecting the traditional and almost patrimonial vehicle style: plastic seat shells and “bus” style filling were not suitable for this Hong Kong iconic vehicle.

Therefore, MBD Design decided to focus on finding a subtle balance between the necessary overhaul and the need to keep the unique atmosphere of this fleet that carry an average of 250,000 passengers every day.

The blend of solid wood with an aluminium frame in a modern styling design came out onto an elegant and comfortable seat, establishing immediately the much sought-after strong identity.

The interior includes new generous fillings, clearly requiring the presence of aluminium. They integrate numerous and ergonomics handrails as well as energy-saving and more welcoming LED lighting.

As of the driver’s dashboard, it has been improved with CCTV and easier-to-read destination panel.

Passengers waiting at a tram stop immediately recognize the face that is a fully integrated part of the urban Hong Kong landscape. The tram’s triple-window windscreen and central headlight have been maintained, as well as the passenger entrance through a flap gate at the rear of the car.

The first refurbished trams were put in service in March 2011. The entire fleet of 161 trams will be refurbished at a rate of two per month by Hong Kong Tramways.

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