Bombardier wins third aass transit complete signalling system in Brazil

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Globally proven BOMBARDIER CITYFLO 650 solution to be delivered for São Paulo Metro, following Madrid and London…

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Bombardier Transportation has won a new order to deliver the state of the art BOMBARDIER CITYFLO 650 solution for Line 5 of the Sao Paulo Metro in Brazil. The new system will enable trains to circulate in safety with a short 75 second headway, therefore maximising the line capacity. The contract, with a value of 171 million reais (70 million euro, $96 million US), is awarded by Companhia do Metropolitano de Sao Paulo (CMSP). As well as being a further important new project in the Brazilian and South American market, this award also consolidates Bombardier as a market leader in communication-based train control (CBTC) with 14 lines in operation and eight lines in delivery.

This new contract builds on Bombardier’s growing signalling presence in Brazil and will provide a benchmark for CBTC performance in heavy metro. The CITYFLO 650 solution is also being installed as part of the BOMBARDIER INNOVIA Monorail 300 system for the new Sao Paulo Metro Line 2 Expresso Tiradentes extension, and a CITYFLO 350 mass transit solution is being delivered for the Salvador Metro. A BOMBARDIER EBI Lock 950 computer-based interlocking (CBI) system is also in operation at Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos’ (CPTM’s) Bras station, the busiest in Sao Paulo, as part of the BOMBARDIER INTERFLO 200 mainline solution being delivered for the CPTM. And in May, the first European Rail Traffic Management (ERTMS) contract in South America was announced for Bombardier’s INTERFLO 250 ERTMS Level 1 solution on the Rio de Janeiro commuter train network.

The scope of the project comprises the turnkey design, supply, installation and commissioning of a CITYFLO 650 solution for the existing 8.4 km of line with six stations plus the extension of the line by 11.6 km with 11 new stations and a total of 34 new trains. Equipment and services will be provided and delivered by the experienced Bombardier teams in Brazil, Spain and the US.

Anders Lindberg, President, Rail Control Solutions, Bombardier Transportation, said: “This is an important new reference for the Bombardier CBTC map of projects worldwide, following Madrid and London, two of the busiest metro networks in Europe. As our second signalling contract with Metro Sao Paulo and our third complete mass transit signalling system contract in Brazil, this further strengthens our rail control expertise in this fast developing market and we look forward to working with Companhia Do Metropolitano De Sao Paulo Metro.”

Andre Guyvarch, Bombardier Transportation Chief Country Representative for Brazil, said: “This new contract consolidates our presence in Brazil and continues to contribute to the development of the Sao Paulo system. Bombardier’s groundbreaking CBTC technology significantly increases capacity and quality of service for our customers.” CITYFLO 650 is a highly proven Bombardier ATC solution operating successfully around the world in North America, Europe and Asia. It is a moving block, CBTC system utilising modern radio-based wide area networks to communicate between the control centre and the train. In addition, the system can be installed without interruption to service and within tight timelines. It can also provide interoperability with legacy train control systems and can be adapted to accommodate country requirements. This advanced solution leads to improved safety, higher capacity and reliability, shorter headways between trains and reduced maintenance costs.

Recent major deliveries include Metro de Madrid Lines 1 and 6 in Spain, one of the busiest networks in Europe, where the customer has already noted a 30% increase in passenger carrying capacity with further improvement expected, and Shenzhen Metro Line 3 in China, which was delivered in 22 months. Ongoing projects include those being implemented in London where CITYFLO 650 solution is being delivered on over 40% of the London Underground network, as well as in Saudi Arabia and Brazil, where the CBTC solution is an integral part of the INNOVIA Monorail 300 system. Bombardier Transportation’s Rail Control Solutions portfolio covers the whole range of CITYFLO mass transit solutions, from manual to fully automatic, as well as communication-based systems. It also provides INTERFLO mainline solutions, from conventional to ERTMS Level 2 systems. Bombardier provides a complete palette of wayside and onboard signalling products.

About Bombardier Transportation in Brazil

Bombardier’s main offices and two fleet maintenance depots are located in Sao Paulo, and it operates a railway vehicle refurbishment engineering centre in Hortolandia, Campinas. The company is strongly investing in Brazil, and is already one of the major companies in the national railway industry, where it leads the railway vehicle modernization market sector. Bombardier’s investment plan initiated in 2009 aims to triple the local number of employees, reaching 600 people in 2012, and to quadruple its industrial area in Hortolandia. In addition to the existing vehicle refurbishment capacity, the Hortolandia site is being equipped to manufacture new rolling stock.

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