Artificial Solutions’ Virtual Assistant Advises Connexxion’s Customers on Public Transport Smartcard

Posted: 20 September 2011 | Marylebone Media Relations | No comments yet

Connexxion, has chosen a Teneo Virtual Assistant to guide online customers…

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Artificial Solutions announced today that Connexxion, the Netherlands leading public transport company, has chosen a Teneo Virtual Assistant to guide online customers through the Netherland’s contactless smartcard, OV-Chipkaart. Implemented in just a few weeks using Artificial Solutions latest intelligent virtual assistant technology, “Lisa” provides human-like, two way conversations with Connexxion’s customers recommending the card most suitable for their needs, answering customer queries.

Similar to other public transport smart card systems such as Oyster (London) or PasseNavigo (Paris), the OV-Chipkaart is now the most used travelcard across the whole of the Netherlands. Anticipating a rise in calls to its contact centre following the OV-Chipkaart’s country wide status Connexxion wanted to provide additional online channels to communicate with its customers. Developed using Artificial Solutions virtual assistant technology, Lisa represents the warm, friendly yet always professional persona of the company and is available on all three of the websites that Connexxion operates under different brands.

Lisa uses natural language to ask qualifying questions, tailoring her answers depending on the information provided by the customer. Whether it’s help choosing between the different types of OV-Chipkaart or advice on a lost card, Lisa has the answer.

“As our operations grow it is important to offer our customers choice. A virtual assistant not only enables customers to find the information they need on the web quickly and easily, it also enables us to still have a direct interaction with our customers, even though the internet has traditionally been an impersonal channel,” Marco Cowan, Manager New Markets & Media. “Working with Artificial Solutions has enabled us to launch Lisa in relatively short amount of time.”

Lisa was built using Artificial Solutions latest technology that considerably cuts down the time taken to implement virtual assistants by enabling even those with non-technical and non-linguistic skills to update the knowledge base. “One-click” publishing enables any updates or changes to be available immediately allowing organisations to react with speed to unforeseen situations.

“Lisa demonstrates that virtual assistants can be just effective in offering advice in a sales situation as they are in providing customer service support,” says Hette Mollema, Sales Director Benelux, Artificial Solutions. “Unlike many chatbots, Lisa is more than just a nice avatar. She is able to use the information that the customer tells her to provide not just a quick answer, but deliver a more personalised service enhancing the customer experience and reinforcing a positive brand experience.”

Launched in August this year, Lisa’s ability to offer advice on a number of different products will be extended as Connexxion branches into other aspects of transport including travel insurance. The introduction of a virtual assistant is the first stage of Connexxion’s move to optimise customer service support online.