TramForward dismayed at Edinburgh Tram decision

Posted: 30 August 2011 | TramForward | No comments yet

TramForward has expressed its regret at the decision to terminate the Edinburgh Tram at Haymarket…

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TramForward, the campaigning arm of the Light Rail Transit Association, is dismayed by the decision of Edinburgh City Council at yesterday’s full council meeting to go ahead only with the shortened route from Haymarket to the Airport. Councillors have failed to grasp the implications of this decision on the future transport needs and development of the city.

Edinburgh ranked is ranked as one of the most congested cities in Europe and the Scottish Government is failing to meet targets to reduce air pollution is risking the lives of thousands of Scots. A lethal pollutant, nitrogen dioxide, is being spewed out by traffic in such large quantities in Edinburgh and other Scottish cities that means Scotland is in breach of levels set by the European Commission.

The pollutants have been found to reduce the life expectancy of everyone by an average of seven to eight months and in Central Scotland alone 600 deaths each year are attributed to air pollution.

The Scottish Government plans next month (September) to ask for an extra five more years for Edinburgh city centre, to meet the European Commission targets on traffic pollution but Edinburgh Council may well face European Commission fines on the level of city pollution.

TramForward urges the City Council to reconsider this decision and it implications and call a Special Emergency Meeting of the Council to further review the recent detailed and externally validated report. At the same time it is vitally important that the Council retain the assets it already owns such as trams, track and overhead equipment for future use.