Bombardier receives orders from Chicago Transit Authority for 300 additional rapid transit cars

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The Chicago Transit Authority has placed orders for 300 additional rapid transit cars…

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Bombardier Transportation announced today that, pursuant to the original contract announced in July 2006, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) has placed orders for 300 additional rapid transit cars. These orders are valued at approximately $331 million US ($317 million CDN, 234 million euro) bringing the total number of cars ordered by CTA to 706, and the total value of the contract to approximately $1 billion US ($964 million CDN, 712 million euro).

These next-generation rapid transit cars (known as the 5000-Series) will be the first in CTA’s fleet to utilize alternating current (AC) propulsion, a technology that permits dynamic braking regeneration, lower energy and maintenance costs, and improved reliability. The new fleet of cars also will be equipped with an active suspension system to ensure that the car floor is level with the station platform during boarding, allowing passengers to board the train more easily. Other features of the new cars include greater capacity, better communications systems, increased security and real-time diagnostics to improve reliability. The 5000-Series cars are being built at Bombardier’s manufacturing plant in Plattsburgh, New York.

Commenting on today’s news, Raymond Bachant, President, Bombardier Transportation, North America said: “We are proud to be a partner with CTA in providing modern, efficient and environmentally-friendly transportation to the citizens of Chicago. These orders illustrate the continued confidence CTA places in Bombardier and our products.”

Bombardier is the world’s leading supplier of rapid transit cars with over seven billion people worldwide using Bombardier rapid transit cars every year. North American cities operating Bombardier-built rapid transit cars include Boston, New York, Montreal, Toronto and Mexico City. In addition to the Chicago order, Bombardier currently has rapid transit car orders for 468 new cars for Montreal and 420 new cars for Toronto.

CTA operates the second largest public transportation system in the United States, covering the City of Chicago and 40 surrounding suburbs. CTA’s 1,200 rail cars operate over eight routes and 224.1 miles of track. CTA trains make about 2,145 trips each day and serve 144 stations.

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