Alstom to supply 26 Citadis trams to the CuB for a total of €80 million

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The CuB, has designated Alstom as its preferred supplier for 26 high-capacity Citadis tramsets…

New Citadis in Bordeaux, Alstom Transport / Design & Styling

The Communauté Urbaine de Bordeaux (CuB), the metropolitan authority for Greater Bordeaux, has designated Alstom as its preferred supplier for 26 high-capacity Citadis tramsets that can accommodate up to 400 passengers (The equivalent of six buses based on an average capacity of six passengers per sq.m and 66 passengers per bus.) . The firm tranche is for a total of €80 million. Options for an additional five to 30 tramsets could be exercised at a later date; this would bring the total contract amount to roughly €176 million.

New Citadis in Bordeaux, Alstom Transport / Design & Styling

These new trams will be suitable for the CuB’s existing and future network infrastructure. The current tram network in Greater Bordeaux is built around three major service arteries and extends some 40 km in all, distributed among three lines (A, B and C), and includes 13 km that is catenary-free and equipped with a ground-level power supply (APS). By 2013, these three lines will be extended beyond the metropolitan limits, with 500 metres of APS line, and a fourth line is also in the works.

With this deal, the Bordeaux authority is renewing its trust in Alstom and France’s rail sector. Like the 74 trams currently in service in Greater Bordeaux, the new tramsets will be designed and assembled at Alstom plants: La Rochelle for their design and manufacture, Ornans for the engines, Le Creusot for the bogies, Tarbes for the traction drives and Villeurbaine for the electronic systems. These sites will draw heavily on the know-how of French suppliers and service providers.

These tramsets, 43 metres in length, will provide the same level of performance as the existing tramsets, a fact that will speed their integration into the current fleet and reduce network operating costs. To maintain the aesthetic consistency desired by the CuB, Alstom’s design matches the original visual identity of the tramsets while updating certain features to improve accessibility for those with reduced mobility.

Alstom’s Citadis trams were designed for optimal quality of life on board as well as maximum passenger comfort. They feature platform-height floors, air conditioning, a video-surveillance system and onboard audio and visual information. Moreover, they help to protect the environment, since each Citadis requires one-quarter the energy of a bus and one-tenth the energy of a car in kWh per seated passenger, and is up to 98% recyclable. The trams also enhance urban living: the Citadis is nearly four times quieter than auto traffic, generating noise levels of about five decibels less.

Citadis has become a global benchmark for performance, so the CuB will be receiving trams that have proven their worth on the market. To date, a total of 1,553 Citadis trams have been ordered by 36 cities worldwide, while more than 60 additional cities have tram projects in the pipeline.

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