“Vamos” Bielefeld: Presentation of the first new light rail vehicle in Leipzig

Posted: 14 April 2011 | Vossloh Kiepe GmbH | No comments yet

In 2009 the Bielefelder moBiel GmbH put up an order for 16 modern high-floor light rail vehicles with an option for an additional 25 vehicles…

Vossloh Vamos light rail vehicle

In January 2009 the Bielefelder moBiel GmbH put up an order for 16 modern high-floor light rail vehicles with an option for an additional 25 vehicles. The consortium of Vossloh Kiepe and wagon manufacturers Heiterblick received the order. Now – shortly before their production finish – the first light rail vehicle of this modern vehicle series has been presented to a select public at the Heiterblick’s plant in Leipzig.

The spacious “Vamos” vehicles are extremely innovative and thoroughly equipped with the most modern energy-saving technology available. These three-part bidirectional vehicles are 34 metres long – about seven meters longer than the previous Bielefeld light rail vehicles. Driven with all-wheel technology the vehicles provide a high level of comfort to passengers and are characterized by excellent performance.

The Heiterblick specialists were faced with the challenging task of constructing a vehicle which was suitable for the metre-gauge rails as well as the platforms which were designed for a 2.3 metres-wide light rail vehicle. The solution was developed in the form of a vehicle which broadens to a width of 2.65 metres above platform level only. This resulted in a space for 230 passenger seats despite the small rail width. The only way to realise this concept was to explore manufacturing techniques never before used as well as to use only the latest technologies.

The interior of the driver’s cab is characterized by its futuristic design. Here, a completely new concept was realised: Instead of featuring the usual vehicle controls with only closed operating boards and dashboards, the driver’s cabs are equipped with open consoles. The desk is equipped with two ergonomic Kiepe touchscreen driver’s cab displays which are used for almost all of the operational functions of the vehicle.

Driver’s cabin and passenger compartment are equipped with modern air-conditioning. A very innovative passenger information system is used which features 19-inch TFT flat screen monitors. Apart from the destination, the screens also show the route map, advertisements and real time connection options as well as estimated departure times from the next stops.

The first vehicle will be delivered from Leipzig to Bielefeld in June of this year where it will be presented to the public in July. Finally extensive tests will be carried out by both manufacturers and experts. The first “VAMOS” light rail vehicles will then be put into passenger operation in Bielefeld as of autumn.

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