NET Phase Two preferred bidder named

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Nottingham City Council has selected Tramlink Nottingham as its preferred bidder to build two new tram lines to Clifton and Chilwell (NET Phase Two) and operate the extended tram network…

Tramlink Nottingham tram

Nottingham City Council has selected Tramlink Nottingham as its preferred bidder to build two new tram lines to Clifton and Chilwell (NET Phase Two) and operate the extended tram network.

This announcement follows an extensive competitive process which adhered to European procurement rules involving a detailed evaluation of tendered proposals from two bidding consortia – Tramlink Nottingham and Arrow Connect.

The council will now enter a period during which it finalises the details of the contract with the preferred bidder. It is hoped that the 23 year concession contract will be awarded in late summer 2011.

To ensure the extended tram network’s operation is fully integrated with the existing Line One, the contract with the consortium currently operating Line One, Arrow Light Rail, will be terminated.

Jane Todd, Nottingham City Council’s Chief Executive, says: “The process of selecting a preferred bidder has involved a lengthy, formal and highly demanding process to ensure the best outcome for both the city and the future of the tram. We received two very strong bids but Tramlink Nottingham has come out on top. We look forward to working with them to develop their proposals before awarding the full contract.”

Roger Harrison, Tramlink Nottingham Chairman, said: “We are delighted to have been selected as preferred bidder. Building on Arrow’s successful legacy, we are excited to be taking forward the next chapter in Nottingham’s tram story. Our focus now will be on working with Nottingham City Council to ensure NET Phase Two can be introduced at the earliest opportunity.

“We have put together an extremely strong partnership and we are confident of being able to create a network which will not only be efficient and effective in terms of meeting the city’s transport needs but which will also help to take Nottingham’s international status to a new level.”

Subject to final negotiations and the contract being awarded in late summer 2011, construction work on the new lines could start by the end of the year. Passenger services across the extended tram network could be fully operational by the end of 2014. NET Phase Two will bring:

Two new tram lines to Chilwell and Clifton connecting with the existing Line One at the redeveloped Hub interchange at Nottingham Railway Station. The Chilwell line will serve key locations such as the Meadows, Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham University, Nottingham Science Park, Beeston, Chilwell and a new 1300 space Park and Ride site near to the A52 ‘Bardills’ roundabout. The Clifton line will serve key locations including the Meadows, Wilford, Compton Acres, Clifton and a new 1000 space Park and Ride site adjacent to the A453.

An increased tram fleet of 37 vehicles.

Increased tram services on Line One easing the crowding experienced at peak times and an overall larger tram network allowing extensive tram travel across Nottingham and improved integration with bus and rail services.

The benefits to Nottingham and the surrounding area of NET Phase Two are numerous. The two new tram lines will provide access to some 1270 workplaces that approximately 55,000 employees commute to, directly serving popular destinations like the NG2 business park, the Queens Medical Centre and the University of Nottingham. The completed system will serve 20 of the 30 largest employers in Greater Nottingham, who will be within 800 metres of a tram stop.

NET Phase Two will encourage economic growth by providing valuable infrastructure, access to workplaces and will act as a catalyst to further inward investment.

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