CCTV saves Arriva thousands of pounds

Posted: 10 March 2011 | 21st Century Technology | No comments yet

CCTV is proving a valuable weapon in the battle to combat insurance fraud against bus companies…

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CCTV is proving a valuable weapon in the battle to combat insurance fraud against bus companies. Information provided by leading UK bus operator Arriva reveals that on board CCTV, supplied and installed by 21st Century, has saved £14,000 in just two example fraudulent claims made against the company in the past 12 months. In both cases the CCTV video images proved vital in refuting the claims and Arriva was also awarded costs totalling over £7,500.

In the first case, a female motorist had claimed that an Arriva bus had collided with her car while overtaking another vehicle in four lanes of traffic. The Arriva driver claimed that the motorist had actually cut a corner and crossed into the lane the bus was travelling in.

The CCTV footage supported the driver’s version of events and showed that it was the motorist who collided with the bus while overtaking it. The motorist was claiming £5,000 for a permanent neck injury plus over £3,000 for repairs and car hire costs. On the basis of the proof provided by the CCTV footage, this claim was dismissed and costs totalling £4,650 were awarded to Arriva.

The second case involved a collision on a roundabout. A female motorist had claimed that the Arriva bus had encroached into her lane, whereby she halted her vehicle but the bus continued and collided with her. The CCTV footage showed that the bus had actually entered the roundabout first and was in the correct lane for the intended exit.

The judge agreed that under the Highway Code the claimant should have given the bus priority and not move into a position to cause problems. He stated that the claimant made an incorrect decision and was the author of her own misfortune. The claim of nearly £6,000 in damages was dismissed and Arriva was awarded costs totalling over £2,865.

Paul Rogers, Director of Sales and Marketing for 21st Century Technology Solutions, comments: “Mobile CCTV is there to protect passengers and staff and give operators provide peace of mind. It continues to be an invaluable investment for bus operators as fraudulent insurance claims cost the industry millions of pounds a year. By combating these false claims the systems pay for themselves very quickly.

“It is not just important to install CCTV but also to ensure it is working when most needed and to ensure the quality is as good as possible. It is the reliability and high quality of video images that assists in cases of insurance fraud, anti social behaviour and even more serious crimes.”

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