Belgian Railways selects HASTUS-Rail software to optimize planning, scheduling, and daily operations for new transport plan

Posted: 10 February 2011 | GIRO | 1 comment

SNCB have purchased the HASTUS 2011 scheduling and daily operations software…

GIRO is pleased to announce that its new client, the Société nationale des Chemins de fer belges (SNCB), has purchased the HASTUS 2011 scheduling and daily operations software. The passenger rail operator chose the solution for its flexibility and powerful algorithms, which will enable the SNCB to automate crew scheduling and the allocation of work to personnel, as well as improve daily operations management – thereby improving the quality of service.

Building schedules automatically for onboard attendants will significantly shorten the SNCB’s scheduling process: from many weeks to mere hours. This unprecedented time savings will apply to the preparation of duties for up to 3,000 employees initially and is scalable to accommodate other staff, as requested by the SNCB. HASTUS’ expansive database and configuration tools ensure that all duty schedules and work calendars adhere to company policies and collective agreements while taking into account employee preferences. In addition, extensive interfacing capabilities provided by the HASTUS-Connect module will facilitate integration with the SNCB’s timetabling, train control, human resources, and payroll systems.

Using the new software, the SNCB will be able to create and store what-if scenarios that can be quickly and easily implemented when variation of regular service is required. With more than 3,600 passenger trains in operation each weekday, the SNCB will improve its ability to manage planned and unplanned events – such as holidays, track work, accidents – in a timely manner.

“We are extremely confident in our selection of HASTUS,” said Raf Luyten, Project Manager at SNCB. “Early tests and GIRO’s demonstrated technical expertise and understanding of passenger rail requirements indicate that HASTUS is well equipped to help us become more efficient as we work towards delivering a new, improved transportation plan in 2013.”

“The SNCB’s purchase of HASTUS is due in large part to the software’s demonstrated ability to meet the needs of local and national passenger rail services,” said GIRO’s Éric Lebel, Director, Public Transit Software – Rail. “Collaboration between GIRO and the SNCB has already led to the development of a powerful new Unit-View feature in our HASTUS-Rail solution, and we consider the SNCB to be an important, long-term partner going forward.”

The HASTUS installation – dubbed POWER (Planning of the Workload Executed by Railwaystaff) – is currently underway and will be implemented in two phases, beginning with mid-term and long-term planning using the Vehicle, Crew, CrewOpt, Roster, DailyCrew, and DailyVehicle modules. Short-term (real-time) planning and management will be addressed in the second phase using the SelfService and PlanOpt modules. All HASTUS modules are scheduled to be in full production by the end of December 2011.

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