Ride-sharing service InstaRyde launched in Toronto

Toronto-based ride-sharing app InstaRyde launched on 1 December, providing travellers with a more competitive service and drivers with a larger share of the fare…

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In a bid to provide a better quality and higher value ride-sharing service for their city, InstaRyde have developed a scheme especially for Toronto that promises no price surges for customers and only takes a minimal fee of 99 cents from each driver’s fare.

Commenting on the new scheme that will be taking its first ride on December 1st, Naveed Marzook, Marketing Manager, InstaRyde said: “We have taken the time to listen to drivers and riders in our city and have developed InstaRyde as the answer.”

InstaRyde is different

Capitalising on the perceived shortcomings of other platforms has enabled them to shape this new brand. One of the major USPs of InstaRyde is that the development team is from Toronto and consequently know the city well. The scheme was developed as a result of feedback from riders and drivers who voiced a desire for inclusivity, diversity and a generally better ride-sharing experience.

The longevity of the business is catered for by attention to the driving team with benefits such as bonuses for completing a set number of rides, driver referral payments and access to a fuel savings programme, as well as a better percentage payment from each fare (InstaRyde takes a flat rate of 99c per ride).
Riders can also expect to pay less – on average about 20 per cent less than with other ride-sharing services – and will be rewarded for customer loyalty with free rides and gifts.

Community enhancement

InstaRyde has a strong sense of community and as such are partnering with a local charity and donating 25 per cent of their proceeds from each ride during the month of December.

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