New contribution-based ride-share app ifare launches

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ifare hands passengers control of how much they pay for rides, asking them to contribute a fee for fuel costs…

New contribution-based ride-share app ifare launches

Chimo Applications Inc. has launched ifare, a contribution-based ride-sharing app that allows passengers and drivers to connect and get to where they need to be.

ifare Is a simple platform through which drivers can make themselves available and passengers can post requests or contact drivers directly. The app is location-based and aims to make it easy for people to connect with other people in their area.

The app aims to make travel more affordable, with passengers simply needing to just chip in for fuel costs. Passengers get to choose how much they wish to pay for the ride, and drivers can choose which passengers they take based on the fare and how convenient it would be to accept it. Alternatively, passengers are able to leave the fare up to the driver to decide. “Travel can be very expensive especially in difficult financial times. ifare gives people a much more affordable option to connect with those going their way,” said ifare Founder and CEO, Saul Segall. The app also encourages designated drivers and existing taxi services to increase their exposure by using the app.

Drivers and passengers can upload 3 pictures and provide a brief description of themselves in their profile.

“Originally the app was designed for students to connect with other students travelling to school or similar destinations during school breaks and holidays, but we are finding that everyday people are using the app to cater to their daily transportation needs for both short and long distance commutes,” said Segall.

The app is completely free and available on iPhone and Android.

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