Aguirre opens the new section of Line 11 which takes the Metro to the 15,000 residents of La Fortuna

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The Community meets a historic demand of this Leganés neighbourhood, which has a direct connection with Madrid as of today…

The Community meets a historic demand of this Leganés neighbourhood, which has a direct connection with Madrid as of today...

The Community meets a historic demand of this Leganés neighbourhood, which has a direct connection with Madrid as of today. In just 15 minutes they will be able to transfer to the rest of the Metro network at Plaza Elíptica. The works have included the reconstruction of Serafín Díez Antón Park, with an area of almost 31,200 square metres. The works have entailed an investment of €201.5 million and the construction of 3.2 kilometres of tunnel. Three bicycle parking facilities and 250 metres of “bike lane” facilitate access for cyclists to the station surroundings.

Today, the President of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, opened the new section of Metro Line 11, which now connects up La Peseta Station, in the Carabanchel Urban Development Area (PAU), with the Leganés La Fortuna district. With this Metro extension – the first to come into service in this legislature – the Community of Madrid meets an historic demand of the 15,000 residents of this neighbourhood, who will be able, thanks to this new section, to get to Madrid in just 15 minutes and transfer to the rest of the Metro system at Plaza Elíptica Station.

The new La Fortuna Metro station lies under Serafín Díez Antón Park, a very important neuralgic point in the district for the life of its residents. For this reason, the Community of Madrid was anxious to supplement the works for the building of the new station, so as to endow the area with a new park with modern amenities for the enjoyment of its residents, such as sports and a children’s play area, which was also opened by the President of the Community of Madrid today.

The works for extending Line 11 to the district of La Fortuna have involved an investment of €201.5 million, €50m of which have been financed with European Union ERDF grants.

Lifts and special paving

“For me this is a very special event, firstly because it is the first Metro extension that we have completed and put into service in this legislature. In addition, because it is the best evidence that, in spite of the current economic crisis, the Community of Madrid is not going to come to a halt and continues to improve the public transport of our region“, stressed the President, who, amongst other features, pointed out that the station is the latest generation type, with lifts and special paving for the blind.

In this respect, Aguirre underlined that the investment in infrastructure, besides improving the quality of life of the citizens, represents an important factor in boosting the economy and enhances the attraction of the region when it comes to drawing in new companies.

In order to be able to take the Metro to La Fortuna, it has been necessary to build 3.2 kilometres of tunnel, starting from the Carabanchel district and crossing under the M-40 and M-45 ring roads, in the area where both intersect, until reaching this neighbourhood. Once at La Fortuna, the tunnel continues to the Metro coach sheds at Cuatro Vientos, so it was necessary to cross the M-40 once again. The method chosen for its construction was excavation with a tunnelling machine and, this section was bored specifically by “Excavolina”, the same machine that had already worked on some sections of Metrosur and which in the last legislature carried out the extension of Line 11 from Pan Bendito to La Peseta, the starting point of this new extension.

Regarding the station, it has its access in the vicinity of Calle San José and consists of three levels: concourse, intermediate level and platforms, to which users have access by way of lifts, stairs and escalators.

A leisure and meeting place for residents

In itself the Park represents a major commitment by the Community of Madrid to the enhancement of the quality of life of the residents of La Fortuna neighbourhood. Its area of some 31,200 square metres accommodates a variety of facilities intended for residents to be able to enjoy outdoor activities, distributed in different areas and designed so that all the station access elements, such as the entrance pavilion or the lift, are fully integrated.

In an initial East-West axis, the existing sculpture is integrated, surrounded by a series of walks. The first of these starts off from Plaza de la Escultura and offers relaxation areas with individual pergolas. This walk runs in a diagonal direction as far as the station access square and, further on, the lift.

Opposite the station canopy, facing north, there is a children’s play area provided with rubber paving, with high quality games reserved for use by youngsters.

Continuing in an easterly direction we come to Plaza del Oasis, presided over by a cluster of splendid palm trees, making up one of the most interesting features of the Park. It is decorated with a curved pergola, an extensive rosebed and a cross-shaped pergola. In addition, this area contains sports islands and a rehabilitation area for the elderly.

“Bike lane”

Furthermore, to facilitate access for cyclists to the surroundings of the station entrances, three bicycle parking facilities and 250 metres of “bike lane” are provided. With this major reconstruction of the Park, the arrival of the metro at Leganés will also offer residents the opportunity of enjoying a new modern quality leisure and meeting place.

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