Nanchang Metro signs two contracts for propulsion and control equipment

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Bombardier Technology’s Chinese joint venture, Bombardier NUG Propulsion System Co. Ltd (BNP) has signed two contracts with the Chinese United Group (NUG) to provide its Mitrac propulsion and control equipment for the Nanchang Metro Line 3 and Line 2 Extension Project.

Together, the two contracts are valued at approximately 204 million CNY (€26 million), with Bombardier’s direct share in the contract valued at approximately 23 million SEK (€2 million).

“With our global network and strong presence in China, we can follow and serve our customers whenever needed”

“We are very proud to support the Chinese market by equipping metro cars with our Mitrac propulsion equipment and to continuously power the rapid development of the Chinese urban mass transit systems with our proven and reliable technology,” said Jianwei Zhang, President of Bombardier China. “As always, we support and serve our customers during the operation with a complete range of high quality services over the full product lifetime. With our global network and strong presence in China, we can follow and serve our customers whenever needed.”

The aim of the Nanchang Metro is to accommodate passenger increase by extending lines and adding vehicles. In support of this project, Bombardier’s joint venture will provide engineering, manufacturing, testing and commissioning, as well as the initial delivery of spare parts for the propulsion systems of 264 metro cars.

This includes 192 metro cars on the Nanchang Metro Line 3 as well as another 72 cars for the Nanchang Metro Line 2 Extension.

Bombardier owns 50% of the shares in BNP, which was established in 2003, and is jointly controlled by Bombardier and the Chinese New United Group.

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