Work to soon start on a new tram terminus in Milan

Posted: 19 April 2017 | Intelligent Transport | No comments yet

The construction of the new tram terminus of Certosa in Milan will begin in the upcoming weeks will cost €18 million.

The construction of the new tram terminus of Certosa in Milan will begin in the upcoming weeks.



Metropolitana Milanese has awarded the €18 million contract for the new tram terminus to Wegh Group (an Italian company which specialises in the design and production of components and equipment for the railway industry) and Ets Spa. 

The new terminus

The terminus (which features a double track) will extend along the central front of the FSI train station, just outside the large roof of the station.


Layout of Certosa tram terminus

This new terminus is expected improve the interchange between tram lines to Roserio and the Certosa Staion of the Passante Ferroviario (the underground railway which runs through Milan).

It will also feature the W-Tram system which enables durability and resistance over time, thus allowing a reduction of maintenance interventions and their cost.

The planned construction is expected to take 255 days.

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