Scania pledges to switch to fossil free electricity by 2020

Posted: 4 April 2017 | Intelligent Transport | No comments yet

Scania, has pledged to utilise fossil-free electricity wherever possible by 2020 and is developing energy-efficient transport solutions.

Global manufacturer, Scania, has pledged to utilise fossil-free electricity wherever possible by 2020.

fossil-free electricity

To make the shift towards sustainable transport systems, Scania is developing smart and energy-efficient transport solutions as well as streamlining its own energy usage. This switch (especially considering the company’s size) will result in a significant reduction of carbon emissions especially as the company is planning on switching to fossil fuels not only at its production sites, but also at all of its operations and hundreds of workshops.

“Scania itself must be a forerunner in this shift,” said Anders Williamsson, Executive Vice President and Head of Purchasing at Scania. “We place high demands on our suppliers to adhere to the highest environmental standards and deploy new and innovative technology. Many of our customers also have ambitious environmental targets.”

Sources of enegrgy

In Scandinavia, the energy supplied to Scania is primarily sourced from hydroelectric power plants and in France and Poland, wind and solar power is most common.

In the countries without deregulated energy markets, the company aims to use available alternatives for carbon offsetting. Scania’s goal is to conclude the switch to fossil free electricity by 2020 in all countries where these alternatives exist.

At present, 79% of the electricity Scania purchases or generates internally derives from fossil free sources and all electricity supplied for its operations in Denmark, France, Norway, Poland and Sweden is already fossil free.

Countries that are next in line to switch to 100% fossil free electricity are Italy, Netherlands and the UK.

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