Singapore’s LTA extends card-based ticketing system alongside SimplyGo

Posted: 1 February 2024 | | No comments yet

LTA extends the adult card-based ticketing system to run parallel with SimplyGo, giving commuters the choice between EZ-Link, NETS FlashPay, or SimplyGo-compatible cards for public transport payments.

LTA ticketing

In a recent announcement, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) revealed its plans to extend the existing adult card-based ticketing (CBT) system to run concurrently with the SimplyGo system. Transport Minister Chee Hong Tat highlighted the decision, emphasising the importance of providing commuters with options and flexibility in their payment methods for public transportation.

The extension aims to cater to adult commuters who prefer using EZ-Link and NETS FlashPay cards or their SimplyGo-compatible cards while travelling on public transport. This move underscores LTA’s commitment to accommodating diverse commuter preferences and ensuring a seamless travel experience across the board.

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The key points outlined in the announcement include:

  • Coexistence of systems: The CBT system will operate alongside the SimplyGo system, allowing adult commuters to choose between the two payment methods according to their convenience
  • Card exchange option: Adult commuters who have purchased SimplyGo EZ-Link cards or converted their existing EZ-Link cards to SimplyGo between 9 and 22 January 2024, will have the opportunity to exchange their cards to a CBT EZ-Link card at no extra cost
  • Concession cardholders’ choice: Similarly, concession cardholders, including seniors, students, Workfare Transport Concession cardholders and persons with disabilities, who obtained a SimplyGo-compatible card or converted their cards to SimplyGo on or before 22 January, will have the option to exchange their cards to a CBT Concession card free of charge if they prefer
  • Preparation for card exchange: LTA acknowledges the need for adequate preparation to facilitate the smooth transition of card exchanges. Details regarding the exchange process will be made available by the end of February 2024, seeking commuters’ understanding and co-operation during this period
  • Continued enhancement of SimplyGo: While preparing for the implementation of the card exchange programme, LTA remains committed to improving the SimplyGo system to deliver an enhanced user experience for commuters.

The extension of the CBT system alongside SimplyGo reflects LTA’s commitment to ensuring accessibility and convenience in Singapore’s public transportation network. As the transition unfolds, commuters can anticipate a more flexible and user-friendly payment experience across various transportation modes.

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