TransLink’s new RapidBus slashes travel times in Surrey and Delta, Canada

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The R6 Scott Road RapidBus revolutionises Surrey and Delta commutes with streamlined stops, dedicated lanes and innovative features, promising up to 10 minutes of time savings in each direction.

TransLink's new RapidBus slashes travel times in Surrey and Delta, Canada

Credit: TransLink

In a significant stride toward improved public transportation, TransLink has announced that the R6 Scott Road RapidBus has commenced operations, promising a faster and more efficient commute for Surrey, Delta residents and Kwantlen Polytechnic University students. As the newest addition to TransLink’s fleet, the R6 addresses the escalating transit demands in Metro Vancouver’s fastest-growing region.

With a focus on the Scott Road Station to Newton Exchange corridor, the R6 aims to reduce travel times by up to 10 minutes in both directions, a welcome relief for the densely populated communities it serves. This corridor has become the busiest south of the Fraser River, witnessing a remarkable 16% increase in bus boardings over 2019 levels.

The R6 introduces key features to enhance the commuting experience:

  • Streamlined stops and all-door boarding
  • Articulated buses – accommodating 20% more riders
  • Bus priority lanes
  • Centre-median boarding area – this innovative boarding area expedites the process
  • Enhanced bus stops – Upgrades include live next-bus digital signage and audio information.

Local artists have contributed community art installations along the corridor, adding a creative touch to the daily commute. Safety enhancements, such as new crosswalks, protected left turn lanes, signal improvements and designated U-turn locations, have also been implemented.

TransLink introduces renewable diesel in bus fleet

Operating from 05:00 to 01:00 daily, the R6 is TransLink’s most significant service expansion since 2020. Running alongside Route 319, which serves local stops between Newton Exchange and Scott Road Station, both services maintain a 15-minute frequency or better throughout the day.

This $33 million investment, jointly funded by TransLink, the City of Surrey and the City of Delta, with 40% of capital costs contributed by the Government of British Columbia, reflects a commitment to transit evolution. TransLink envisions future upgrades to a bus rapid transit (BRT) system, aligning with the Access for Everyone plan, contingent on funding approval.

Kevin Quinn, CEO of TransLink, said: “The R6 RapidBus will save Surrey and Delta customers up to 20 minutes and provide much-needed relief on the busiest bus route south of the Fraser River. Ridership in places like Surrey and Delta is growing faster than any other part of the region and it’s essential that transit services keep up as Metro Vancouver’s population grows.”

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