Dott doubles e-scooter lifespan and reduces carbon emissions

Posted: 9 October 2023 | | No comments yet

Dott has doubled the lifespan of 10,000 e-scooters through refurbishment, significantly reducing carbon emissions while advancing its sustainability initiatives.

Dott doubles e-scooter lifespan and reduces carbon emissions

Credit: Dott

Dott has announced that it has successfully completed the refurbishment of 10,000 of its shared e-scooters. This achievement effectively doubles the expected lifespan of these vehicles to an impressive seven years, simultaneously reducing carbon emissions per kilometre by nearly 50%.

This announcement aligns with the release of Dott’s latest sustainability report, which details the company’s initiatives for the year 2022. Throughout the year, Dott steadfastly continued its commitment to curbing CO2 emissions, culminating in a 63% reduction in CO2 emissions per kilometre since 2020.

Furthermore, Dott’s ambitious refurbishment project, carried out in Lyon, France, and Warsaw, Poland, involves the meticulous disassembly of the e-scooters by a dedicated team of specialists. These components are then sorted into categories for recycling, repairing, or reusing, before being fully renovated and given a fresh coat of paint. The 10,000 refurbished e-scooters are now back on the streets, serving communities in Dott cities across Europe.

In addition, Dott has made substantial advancements in its recycling practices in 2022, achieving an impressive 90% recycling rate across its operations, surpassing the 80% rate recorded in 2021. This achievement prompted the micro-mobility operator to set a renewed, ambitious target of achieving a 95% recycling rate for all waste in 2023, five years ahead of its previous goal.

Dott reports shift towards sustainable travel with longer rides

In an effort to empower its dedicated workforce, Dott has also introduced the “Ride Your Future” programme in 2022. This programme offers valuable training to operations and ground teams, covering a wide range of skills, including software tools, communication, management and organisational expertise. These classes take place during paid working hours, ensuring that employees have the opportunity to develop new skills and advance their careers. In 2022, a total of 40 individuals benefited from this programme.

According to the report, Dott’s efforts to tackle pollution in urban environments have borne fruit, with its most mature cities now boasting emissions as low as 30g of CO2 per kilometre, a figure equivalent to public transport. This achievement places Dott within reach of its overarching goal to achieve 20g of CO2 per kilometre ridden by 2025.

Maxim Romain, Co-Founder and COO of Dott, said: “In 2022, we progressed towards mass adoption of our service, doubling the number of rides while continuing to drive down our carbon emissions. We have demonstrated our commitment to sustainability with a major refurbishment programme, fully re-building 10,000 e-scooters so far to double their lifespan, eliminating the need to manufacture more vehicles.”