Arriva Italy to launch app for on-demand bus services in Cremona

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Arriva’s new Click IT app allows customers to easily book bus journeys on their smartphones, reducing traffic and congestion by offering on-demand transport solutions.

Arriva Italy to launch app for on-demand bus services in Cremona

Credit: Arriva

Arriva Italy has announced that it has collaborated with ioki to create a mobile app-based solution for booking on-demand bus services in the province of Cremona.

The Arriva Click IT app functions by grouping passenger journeys with similar starting and ending points, offering on-demand transportation options. This approach helps reduce traffic and congestion on the roads by encouraging people to opt for alternatives to private vehicles.

In Italy, Arriva’s Stradibus will be responsible for operating the on-demand bus services. Previously, these services required phone reservations. However, with the introduction of Arriva Click IT, the process has been fully digitised, providing a faster and more convenient way to book and pay for personalised transportation. This service competes with taxis and private cars.

Passengers can input their starting point and destination on a map, and the app automatically calculates the most efficient route, displaying the availability of a Stradibus. The intelligent algorithm facilitates ride-sharing among passengers with similar journeys, optimising vehicle capacity.

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Arriva’s new partnership builds upon the transport group’s expertise in digitalised demand-responsive transport (DRT), which had first been introduced through its UK Bus business in 2017. Arriva had been the first national bus operator in the UK to launch a fully customer-led DRT service.

Sian Leydon, Arriva’s Group Managing Director for Mainland Europe, said: “Innovation is a core value at Arriva, and it is important for us to share successful solutions across our European network, allowing all our businesses to benefit from being part of the larger Arriva Group. We developed Arriva Click in the UK, and it’s gratifying to see how our team in Italy has drawn on that knowledge and expertise to create a solution tailored to Italy. This is one of the advantages of our size and scale, which benefits our clients and passengers throughout Europe.”

The Arriva Click IT app offers a convenient alternative to personal vehicles, promoting affordable and environmentally friendly public transportation solutions.

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