Virginia rural transit agencies receive federal funding for bus replacements

Posted: 29 June 2023 | | No comments yet

Provided as part of FTA’s Buses and Bus Facilities programme, the funding will allow 11 transit agencies across Virginia to replace aging and high-mileage buses, reducing maintenance costs and improving service reliability.

Virginia rural transit agencies receive federal funding for bus replacements

The Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT) has announced that 11 rural public transit agencies in the state have been awarded a total of $4,690,010 in federal funding. This funding will be used to replace 39 transit vehicles that have exceeded their useful lives in terms of age and mileage.

The funding comes from the Federal Transit Administration‘s (FTA) Buses and Bus Facilities programme, which focuses on improving public transportation by replacing and re-habilitating buses, purchasing related equipment, and constructing bus-related facilities. The programme received a significant number of project proposals, totalling $8.7 billion, out of which FTA approved 130 awards amounting to nearly $1.7 billion.

The replacement of these buses is expected to address the transit vehicle replacement backlog in the rural communities and contribute to the growth of transit ridership. Recognising the importance of modernising fleets, DRPT has allocated $5 million in its Fiscal Year 2024 budget to provide matching funds to transit agencies that receive federal grant funds.

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“The replacement of these buses will help Virginia’s rural transit agencies reduce vehicle maintenance costs and enhance service reliability in the rural communities that they serve,” DRPT Director Jennifer DeBruhl said. “This federal funding will ensure that transit agencies maintain a reliable multimodal network that connects Virginians to jobs, education and health care across the Commonwealth.”

Here is a breakdown of the number of vehicles each of the 11 transit agencies will replace with the funding:

  • Four County Transit: 3
  • Bay Transit: 9
  • Danville Transit System: 7
  • District Three Public Transit: 4
  • Greensville Emporia Transit: 1
  • Lake Country: 1
  • Mountain Empire Transit: 5
  • Pulaski Area Transit: 3
  • STAR Transit: 4
  • Altavista Community Transit System: 1
  • Blackstone Area Bus: 1

With the infusion of new buses, these rural transit agencies can enhance their services, ensuring more reliable transportation for the residents of Virginia’s rural areas.