Keolis Sverige expands its use of GIRO’s HASTUS software

Posted: 28 August 2014 | GIRO | No comments yet

The company adds daily operations and analysis modules to boost operational efficiency and increase staff satisfaction…

Keolis Sverige

GIRO recently signed an agreement with Keolis Sverige, a leading bus operator in Sweden, to upgrade the current HASTUS software installation and add new daily operations and analysis modules. HASTUS has been in use to effectively manage and optimize public transport operations in Stockholm since the mid-eighties.


“We thank Keolis Sverige for their renewed trust,” said Odd-Jørgen Sagdahl, GIRO’s Director for the Nordic countries. “We look forward to further strengthening our collaboration and helping Keolis’ forward-thinking team continue to improve productivity and keep their competitive edge through powerful optimization and analysis tools.”

“Keolis Sverige aims to be in the forefront of world-class passenger transport operations,” said Stefan Gustavsson, Keolis Sverige’s Director of Business Development. “We expect these software modules to help us deliver on our promise to make our passengers’ daily journeys as easy and efficient as possible, while boosting staff satisfaction.”

The addition of HASTUS’ analysis functions will enable Keolis Sverige to perform detailed comparisons between observed and planned trips, and automatically generate necessary adjustments for improved punctuality. Since the company has acquired new responsibility for building the route network and constructing timetables, the additional modules will be especially beneficial. Assessments of ridership data and network timetables will provide valuable insights that will help to establish service levels and improve service synchronization.

Using new operations features, Keolis Sverige will also be able to assign uncovered work more efficiently to available employees on a monthly basis. The flexible solution controls costs, while taking into consideration employee preferences so as to improve staff satisfaction. It is specifically designed for organizations that need to ensure a balanced distribution of work over a given period, in contrast to contexts with seniority-based work assignment. The software’s automated processes can provide significant time and cost savings, reduce risk of error and gain more efficiencies.

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