Bombardier FLEXITY Outlook Tram’s first ride in Palermo, Italy

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Rail technology leader Bombardier Transportation took part in the inaugural ride of a Bombardier FLEXITY tram on the Palermo urban network with the Mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando…

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Rail technology leader Bombardier Transportation today took part in the inaugural ride of a Bombardier FLEXITY tram on the Palermo urban network with the Mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando. The launch took place on the day of Santa Rosalia, one of the most important holidays in the city.

The tram ran from the Roccella depot to Scaffa Square, where the vehicle was presented to the public and media. Guests included the Cardinal of Palermo, Paolo Romeo, representatives of public authorities including the Board of AMAT – the public transport authority of Palermo – and representatives of the consortium between Bombardier, EDS, Mosco, and led by SIS.

AMAT has ordered 17 FLEXITY Outlook trams equipped with the BOMBARDIER CITYFLO 150 traffic management system for the city’s new 15 km light rail transit system. The bi-directional, 100% low-floor trams are fitted with conventional wheel-set bogies offering a smooth ride. Bombardier was the first manufacturer in the industry to combine 100% low-floor technology with conventional wheel-set bogies.

Passenger comfort is enhanced further by level entrances, air conditioning, a completely step-less interior and designated wheelchair areas. The 32 m long and 2.4 m wide trams can reach a maximum speed of 70 km/h and have a capacity of 56 seated and 132 standing passengers. The vehicles also include the BOMBARDIER MITRAC propulsion and control system offering the highest reliability.

The new FLEXITY trams have been manufactured at the Bombardier site in Vienna, Austria. The electrical equipment has been produced in Mannheim, Germany, and the reliable BOMBARDIER FLEXX bogies have been supplied by the Bombardier Siegen site in Germany.

Luigi Corradi, Managing Director of Bombardier Transportation Italy, said: “I thank Mayor Orlando for this special occasion on this important festive day. We are proud of our FLEXITY trams, which will provide a safe, faster and more comfortable service for Palermo. Bombardier is ready to meet the mobility demands of Italian cities with state-of-the-art solutions such as this amazing tram that has been admired by the entire city today.”

Bombardier is a leading manufacturer of rolling stock in Italy and is involved in some of the country’s most important rail projects. These include Trenitalia’s various types of electric locomotives including the E464, the V300ZEFIRO (Frecciarossa 1000) and ETR500 high speed trains, the Rome-Fiumicino airport people mover, trams for the cities of Milan and Palermo, propulsion systems for Rome’s new metro vehicles and the rail control solutions installed on various sections of Italy’s rail network.

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