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Public transportation is clearly the backbone of mobility in a smart city like Vienna…

U5 route

Public transportation is clearly the backbone of mobility in a smart city like Vienna. The number of passengers using the Vienna public transport network has doubled since the 1980’s, and Vienna continues to grow: by 2030 the city’s population is expected to reach 2 million. This is why the city needs targeted measures to increase public transport capacities.

Even though intervals are shortened and the number of trains is increased continuously, some public transport stations and trains are overcrowded at peak times even now. The City of Vienna is therefore planning to further improve and expand the Vienna underground network, investing a budget of EUR 1.9 billion by 2018.

Although negotiations for the project are still underway, Renate Brauner, Deputy Mayor and Executive City Councillor of Finance in Vienna, counts on the new underground line as part of the public transport enhancement programme.

Planned U5 stations

According to new plans for the 4th stage of underground construction, the existing line U2 is to be extended to Matzleinsdorfer Platz, and U5 is to provide a direct link from Vienna City Hall station to Währinger Straße (Altes AKH).

In a possible 5th extension stage, which is still the subject of negotiations with the responsible federal authorities, U2 could go even further south to Wienerberg, while U5 may be extended across the Gürtel to Elterleinplatz.

Benefits of the U2/U5 underground link

A link that allows passengers to change directly between U2 and U5 would take the burden off other underground lines, primarily U6, where passenger numbers would decrease by one third. As a result, passenger frequency levels for trams, buses and at key stations like Bahnhof Meidling or Schottentor would also become more constant instead of fluctuating strongly and causing bottlenecks.

The new layout of the underground network would also upgrade existing stations, turning Michelbeuern (U6/U5) and City Hall station (U2/U5) as well as Neubaugasse (U3/U2), Pilgramgasse (U4/U2) and Matzleinsdorfer Platz (rapid transit/U2) into new underground hubs.

Matzleinsdorfer Platz would become Vienna’s third major hub for passengers changing between the underground and Vienna’s rapid transit system (S-Bahn). This would reduce travel times for many commuters coming into Vienna from the south. They could then use U6 as well as U1 and U2, which would distribute passengers more evenly throughout the public underground network.

Extending U2 to Matzleinsdorfer Platz also maintains the option for the line’s further southward extension to Wienerberg.

Urban planners are currently drawing up several options for the routing of U5. The final route still needs to be determined.

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