The Netherlands is ready for contactless payments

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80% of installed Worldline payment terminals are able to accept contactless payments…


The introduction of contactless payments is in full swing in the Netherlands, just as Near Field Communication (NFC) is making this form of payment possible. Two factors are important in being able to accept contactless payments: firstly the banks have to issue contactless cards. Secondly, retailers must be equipped with a payment terminal that has an integrated NFC reader. Worldline, Atos subsidiary in e-payment services, offers this type of payment terminals to the Dutch market.

Almost 100,000 Worldline payment terminals in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, Worldline has around 100,000 payment terminals installed, and is the only supplier which can adapt operational payment terminals in the field with an NFC reader without having to replace the terminal (70,000 terminals are concerned). Worldline has a wide range of payment terminals in its portfolio and offers new models with integrated NFC reader, the YOMANI and YOXIMO. The company expects to supply another 20,000 of these terminals by the end of 2014.

Standard payment solutions for the new generation

All new payment terminals supplied by Worldline are fitted with NFC readers to meet the growing demand for contactless payments.

“We truly believe that contactless is the new norm in the Dutch retail sector, it offers a fast and easy way of payment. This is why all new Worldline payment terminals have this technology integrated as a standard,” explains Antoine van Diem, General Manager at Worldline in the Netherlands and General Manager of the Technologies and Products Division of Worldline. “We are convinced that the Netherlands is ready for contactless payment”, he adds.

NS believes in contactless payments

The Dutch Railways, a customer of Worldline in the Nethelands for applying payment solutions, believes in the value of contactless payments. Dirk Jan de Haan, Innovation Manager at NS says: “Contactless payments is very much appreciated by our customers. We have found that customers find it particularly fast and easy. “

Payment terminals and Worldline

By continually responding to customer feedback and industry trends, Worldline delivers payment terminals and accessories that meet the needs of a wide range of clients – shop-based and mobile retailers, attended and unattended petrol stations, and financial institutions. All terminals use the same custom system-on-a-chip architecture to deliver fast, secure transactions. Costly service call-outs are minimised by secure download options for software updates and security keys. The quality of Worldline terminals is backed by thorough lab testing and ISO 9001:2000 certification. To date Worldline has over 850,000 payment terminals installed across Europe.

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