Community Transit to launch on-demand pilot service in Lynnwood, Washington

Posted: 15 September 2022 | | No comments yet

Community Transit’s Zip on-demand pilot service will help bridge Lynwood’s transit gaps by offering its residents with an easily accessible ride-hailing service at the cost of a bus ride.

Community Transit to launch on-demand pilot service in Lynnwood, Washington

Credit: Community Transit

Community Transit has announced that it will be launching a one-year pilot of the agency’s first on-demand ride-hailing service in the Alderwood area of Lynnwood, Washington, on 20 October 2022. Named Zip, the service will be available anywhere within the defined service area in the Alderwood neighbourhood.

The flexible service can be used for any reason, including running grocery trips, getting to work, going to the movies, or making connections to a bus. The service will run from 05:00 to 22:00 every day and will cost the same price as a standard, local bus trip.

“People will be able to summon a ride on Zip using a smartphone app,” said Community Transit CEO Ric Ilgenfritz. “Our goal with Zip is to introduce an innovative new transit service that provides an easy way to get around locally for the price of a bus ride. We look forward to hearing feedback as we consider additional pilot projects in the county.”

Customers will be able to request a ride when they need it, similar to ride-hailing services, eliminating the need to keep track of set schedules or plan far in advance. Ride requests can be made using a mobile phone app or by making a phone call.

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Unlike existing transit services in the city, which mostly operate on fixed-routes, Community Transit Zip shuttles will run anywhere within the Alderwood service area and will pick riders up and drop them off at locations of their choice. The Zip shuttle does not have pre-scheduled stops and although wait times will vary based on demand, customers can expect to wait 10-15 minutes for the shuttle to arrive. If requested, Zip will also provide rides to the Lynnwood Transit Center.

Riders 18 and under can use the service for free. ORCA cards, ORCA LIFT, credit/debit cards and cash will all be accepted. Those using ORCA cards can transfer to other transit services or make a return trip within a two-hour transfer window at no additional cost. Zip shuttles will be ADA-accessible, and drivers are trained to assist people who use mobility devices.

The Alderwood area has been chosen as the first test area due to its growing population, popular destinations and the new Link light rail station that it being built in Lynnwood. Furthermore, a detailed assessment has found travel gaps and barriers to accessing transportation in Lynnwood. Thus, Zip’s quick-trip, on-demand shuttle solution has been proposed to address these needs.

Community Transit is currently exploring three additional community pilot projects and has begun discussions with the cities of Arlington, Darrington and Lake Stevens.