Planning and management systems specialist SISCOG wins innovation award

Posted: 18 February 2014 | SISCOG | No comments yet

SISCOG received the “Innovative Enterprise” Honourable Mention during the 10th COTEC Innovation Meeting…


SISCOG, the software company specialising in software solutions for optimised planning and management of resources in transportation companies, received the “Innovative Enterprise” Honourable Mention during the 10th COTEC Innovation Meeting.

This is the second time SISCOG is recognized by COTEC Portugal, a business association for innovation sponsored by the Portuguese President, the first being the “Innovative Product” award for its CREWS Real-time Dispatcher, a tool that quickly solves personnel dispatching issues on the day of operation.

“It is a great honour to receive this distinction considering it is in recognition of SISCOG’s ongoing performance” said João Pavão Martins, SISCOG’s CEO, adding that “our growth and prosperity are the result of the same characteristics COTEC acknowledges, namely our innovative spirit and openness to change”.

For almost three decades, the resource planning software specialist has been implementing its innovative products in international railway and metro companies, such as the London Underground or Lisbon Metro.

These companies have enjoyed significant savings on different levels while using their systems, and have even been recognised for it, such as the Lisbon Metro that received an award at the IDC CIO Awards 2013. This modular, integrated and optimisation system, based on the SISCOG Suite, manages three types of resources – time and track occupation (trains timetables), vehicles and staff – covering the entire planning process. Passenger demand analysis and timetable creation, station or train staffing and production of their working plans, as well as disruption management on the day of operation, are some of its capabilities.

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