RTIG community group joins Intelligent Transport Editorial Board

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We are pleased to announce that Mark Cartwright has joined the Editorial Board of Intelligent Transport…

Mark Cartwright

We are pleased to announce that Mark Cartwright, Managing Director of RTIG, has joined the Editorial Board of Intelligent Transport.

Mark Cartwright

Mark Cartwright

On accepting the invitation, Mark said: “RTIG is a community forum for technology in passenger transport, which brings together all parts of the supply chain – public authorities, private sector operators, the systems and services industry, and passenger representative groups. By meeting in an informal space we aim to develop and publish good practice guidelines and standards, with the aim of helping to improve the sector for all those within it. To be effective, we need to both keep our eyes on what is going on in the world, but also to have an opportunity to voice our thoughts. A partnership with Intelligent Transport helps with both of these activities: its rich, topical content ranges across all parts of the industry, and (importantly) across a wide international community. We have worked with Intelligent Transport now for several years, both on the magazine and through associated events (notably the highly successful RTPI Conferences). It’s time to take the next step, and I am delighted – as RTIG MD – to be joining the Intelligent Transport Editorial Board.”

For the past 20 years, Mark’s main focus has been intelligent transport systems and standards, specifically in the management of national initiatives. He is Managing Director of the public transport community RTIG, where he has led operations since 2004. He also has interests in traffic management and other ITS. Mark began his professional life in the academic world, where he taught mathematics at the Universities of Oxford and Nottingham. He has previously worked as a consultant working for clients in defence, telecoms, broadcasting, finance and energy sectors, at European, national and local levels.

Intelligent Transport is looking forward to utilising Mark’s knowledge and expertise to bring our readers positive and informative articles.

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