ZF equips 172 city buses in Hungary

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Driveline and chassis technology for new vehicles of public transport authorities in Budapest and Pécs…

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ZF’s advanced driveline and chassis technology and steering systems made by ZF Lenksysteme GmbH are still in great demand among Hungarian urban public transport authorities: In a total of 172 new vehicles for the cities of Budapest and Pécs, the technology company’s commercial vehicle components will contribute to reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and increasing cost-effectiveness and comfort for driver and passengers. At the center of attention is the fuel-saving, low-noise ZF-EcoLife automatic transmission.

“In modern local passenger traffic, environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness are equally important,” says Andreas Moser, Head of ZF’s “Axle and Transmission Systems for Buses & Coaches” business unit. “And I am convinced that we can be particularly excited about the new major orders from Hungary because our driveline and chassis technology excellently meets both requirements.” The orders include a total of 172 buses. The majority is destined for the Hungarian capital, more precisely the Volánbusz Zrt. transport company – only five vehicles will go approx. 200 kilometers further to the south, to Tüke Bus in Pécs.

Environmentally friendly and quietly through the city

All city buses – 106 MAN Lion’s City as well as 66 Volvo 7900 – will be equipped with the ZF-EcoLife 6-speed automatic transmission. Its main advantages include the interplay of modern hardware and intelligent software. As a result, the engine speed is reduced in all operating conditions. Thanks to TopoDyn Life, the shifting program that comes as standard, the transmission changes into a higher gear at the earliest opportunity – depending on the topography and the load condition of the bus. Vehicles equipped with ZF-EcoLife instead of its predecessor, Ecomat, consume up to 10 percent less fuel. At the same time, the noise level is greatly reduced, and this is easier on the ears of residents, passers-by, and passengers, particularly when the bus is setting off from bus stops.

Barrier-free passenger area

Furthermore, the new orders from Hungary include chassis technology from ZF which brings to bear its advantages in all 172 buses. The AV 132 low-floor driven axle guarantees a high level of driving safety, as well as maximum comfort. This is because it makes it possible to have a vehicle floor that is even throughout and has no irritating platforms. These advantages are also offered by the non-driven AVN 132 portal axle installed in the articulated buses made by Volvo. At the front, the compact Servocom ball-and-nut power steering system from ZF Lenksysteme offers an additional asset: Thanks to Servocom, drivers will be able to swiftly and precisely maneuver their buses through Budapest and Pécs.

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