Lime partners with SafeUP to foster safer city environments for women

Posted: 19 November 2021 | | No comments yet

Lime has partnered with SafeUP, a community safety network for women, to provide community members with a tool to transport safely while feeling empowered and in control.

Lime partners with SafeUP to foster safer city environments for women

Credit: Lime

Lime, the global provider of shared electric vehicles, and SafeUP, a community safety network offering global solidarity for women, are partnering to help women to take control of their mobility and trajectory. The partnership will include free rides on Lime scooters, bikes and mopeds to SafeUP guardians.

SafeUP has 80,000 members around the world and launched their activity in the United States on 17 November 2021, alongside the partnership with Lime. SafeUP is a social network which enables women to use the SafeUP app when they feel unsafe; encounter any real or potential danger; and require support, guidance or physical assistance.

SafeUP strengthens the sense of security of women and girls in public spaces by ensuring that every woman feels safe by connecting them quickly and effectively with nearby trained women guardians. The Community Members of SafeUp know that there are always other women looking after them and are immediately available if required. Now, the availability of SafeUP guardians will be increased by Lime’s mobility solution.

Lime SafeUP partnership

Credit: Lime

A SafeUP guardian is a woman who has undergone the SafeUP training process: when a SafeUP community member feels insecure, she can open her app to see the countless number of guardians in her area that are available to assist where necessary via telephone, video or by physical accompaniment. The app will connect the community member to two to three of the nearest available women guardians, who will escort and support the community member in need.

Now, thanks to its partnership with Lime, SafeUp Community Members will have a tool to transport safely while feeling empowered and in control. In addition, the SafeUp guardians will be able to use Lime to ease connections between guardians and women in need. From 17 November 2021, SafeUP Community Members can experience the new Lime offering in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, Washington DC, Austin and Tel Aviv.

According to SafeUp’s data, nearly nine in 10 women feel uncomfortable walking alone after dark and avoid certain activities every day. In contrast, according to a recent report, 75 per cent of women claim having the SafeUP community to support them has made them feel safer; 50 per cent of them declared that, by using the app, they are spending around one hour more outside every day; and 80 per cent stated that they feel less alone and their lives have more meaning.

Lime and SafeUP are firm believers that safety and mobility are inherently tied. Providing women with a safe, reliable source of mobility is key to increasing equal access to opportunity across gender. Lime’s aim to provide freedom of movement through its suite of light electric vehicles also encompasses freedom from harassment and safe passage for women.

Lime is constantly looking for ways to reassure women that they can use its service to feel safer, whether it’s hopping on an e-scooter or e-bike to avoid walking alone late at night or travelling in environments that make them feel uncomfortable.

“With safety so central to Lime’s core values, offering women and SafeUP Guardians alternative transportation options that can easily get them to safer environments and allow them to ride to and from public transit safely are critical components of our partnership,” said Shani Raved, Lime’s Product & Operations Strategy Manager. “Teaming up with SafeUP is another step towards our goal of empowering women to feel safe while commuting for any trip, anytime and anywhere.”

“SafeUp is here in order to unite women under the common goal of mutual protection and safety. Lime is the natural partner for us to make sure that women will not avoid any activities and will not feel scared,” said Neta Schrieber, CEO and Co-Founder of SafeUp. “Every woman needs to feel that she is in control of her destiny: walking down a dark alleyway without fear; going on a date without anxiety; dancing in a nightclub; or even simply going on a walk late at night. Lime is helping us to realise our dream for women all over the world.”