TIER Mobility to offer one million free rides to celebrate World Car Free Day

Posted: 15 September 2021 | | No comments yet

To celebrate World Car Free Day on 22 September 2021, TIER is giving away one million free rides for new riders in order to highlight the alternatives to polluting vehicles.

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Every year on or around 22 September, cities across the globe celebrate World Car Free Day, which encourages motorists to give up using their private cars for a day. The event highlights the numerous benefits of going car-free to citizens, including reduced air pollution and the promotion of walking and cycling in a safer environment.

As part of European Mobility Week 2021 (16 September to 22 September 2021), themed ‘Safe and Healthy with Sustainable Mobility’, TIER Mobility – Europe’s leading shared micro-mobility provider, with a mission to ‘Change Mobility for Good’ – is taking various actions across Europe and giving away one million free rides for new riders, stressing the alternatives to polluting vehicles on this important day.

“Car-free days are a massive opportunity for cities to realise how much pollution affects our lives and highlight how congested roads can be used in different ways. Most cities have been designed around mobility for cars, and it is high time we change this and start designing cities around human mobility,” says Ailin Huang, Head of Sustainability at TIER

European Mobility Week is the European Commission’s (EC) flagship initiative for sustainable and urban mobility. European cities are encouraged to take innovative measures, promote new infrastructure and technologies, improve air quality and find creative and resilient solutions. The 38 participating countries and 2,097 cities illustrate the relevance of the initiative and also the demand for sustainable urban mobility. 

Since the end of April 2021, TIER has been campaigning against car traffic and emissions in cities with the initiative ‘Beat Traffic for Good’. The aim is to encourage people to use alternative and emission-free means of transport and to become independent of their cars. With traffic data showing that drivers spend hundreds of hours a year stuck in traffic, in summer 2021, 42 opinion leaders from four European cities joined and spent 405 hours in a parked car to demonstrate the absurd amount of time that we waste in traffic. 

In addition, TIER’s initiative aims to stimulate discussions between people and decision-makers on how we can better design cities in the future to make them more liveable, sustainable, green and people-friendly.