Bus Users UK opposes plans to scrap Liverpool bus lanes

Posted: 4 October 2013 | Bus Users UK | 1 comment

The bus lanes are being suspended because the Council believes many of them simply don’t work…

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Bus Users UK has spoken out against plans by Liverpool City Council to suspend all bus lanes in the city from 21 October.

In a letter to the Mayor of Liverpool, Deputy CEO of Bus Users UK, Stephen Morris said: “Good public transport is essential to the wellbeing of any major city, in terms of the economy, social inclusion and the environment. Dependence on cars leads to congestion and poor air quality and cities where mobility is restricted simply die.”

The bus lanes are being suspended because the Council believes many of them simply don’t work. According to Stephen Morris, however: “What is often overlooked is the number of people per hour that are being transported through bus lanes. When that is taken into account the allocation of road space to bus users is actually a very effective way of transporting large numbers of people.

“Bus passengers also make a substantial contribution to the local economy and they access the local economy in a much more efficient and environmentally friendly way.”

Despite the widely recognised benefits of public transport, bus use in the UK outside of London is in decline. Bus Users UK fears the planned suspension of bus lanes in Liverpool will simply accelerate that decline and increase the city’s dependence on cars. “This will have an adverse effect on Liverpool’s economy and will achieve the exact opposite of the stated pledge to make Liverpool a ‘cleaner and greener city’.”

Bus Users UK, the voice of bus passengers, is an independent not-for-profit organisation that aims to improve bus services across the UK and get more people on board.

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