Bombardier presents first new FLEXITY tram for Plauen

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Following initial tests on the Plauen tram network, the first new FLEXITY tram for Plauen has been presented to the public…

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Following initial tests on the Plauen tram network, the first new FLEXITY tram for Plauen has been presented to the public. The Open Day at the Plauen Transport Authority (PSB) provided local citizens the opportunity to see the first new tram in 37 years.

The unidirectional FLEXITY Classic vehicles can accommodate 119 passengers. The trams are 21 metres long, 2.3 metres wide and are equipped with the reliable BOMBARDIER MITRAC propulsion system. Conventional wheel-set bogies ensure a smooth ride and reduce wear and tear of wheels and tracks. The vehicle has been modified to perfectly fit the topographical conditions of Plauen and to effortlessly overcome a gradient of up to 7.8 percent.

The PSB moves about eight million passengers per year and ensures mobility for the people in the city. Plauen is a city with a strong tram tradition and its first tram line went into operation as early as 1894.

The trams are produced at Bombardier’s site in Bautzen. The electrical equipment will be provided from the Bombardier site in Mannheim and the bogies from the Bombardier site in Siegen. The first two trams were delivered in August 2013 and another four vehicles will be handed over in summer 2014.

In cities worldwide, the demand for trams as a sustainable solution to reduce congestion has increased. As the global urban population grows, the demand increases for light rail solutions that are both technologically advanced and imaginatively designed. Bombardier is the long-standing light rail market leader and offers the industry’s most complete portfolio of light rail solutions, efficiently moving passengers around the world every day on reliable and innovative vehicles.

More than 4,000 Bombardier trams and LRVs are in revenue service or on order in more than 75 cities across Europe, Australia and North America. FLEXITY Classic vehicles have already been in successful revenue service for a long time in German cities such as Dresden, Frankfurt, Halle and Leipzig, as well as Adelaide in Australia, Krakow in Poland and Norrkoping and Stockholm in Sweden.

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