Bombardier hands over 100th FLEXITY tram to Halle, Germany

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Bombardier Transportation handed over its 100th FLEXITY tram to the operator Hallesche Verkehrs AG on June 1, 2013…

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Rail technology leader Bombardier Transportation handed over its 100th FLEXITY tram to the operator Hallesche Verkehrs AG (HAVAG) on June 1, 2013, marking the latest chapter in the Halle’s proud tram tradition. As early as 1882, the first horse-drawn trams operated between the city’s main square and the suburb of Trotha. Halle introduced electric trams soon after in 1899. HAVAG has ordered more than 100 trams from Bombardier, showing confidence in the reliability and quality of the vehicles and confirming a stable and successful partnership.

The bi-directional vehicles are 21.9 m long when coupled and 2.3 m wide. The trams are designed for 1,000 mm gauge tracks and can also be used in double traction service. Designed with rigid axle bogies, the FLEXITY vehicle concept guarantees a smooth ride with reduced noise. The new trams are equipped with the proven and reliable BOMBARDIER MITRAC propulsion and control system. Proven and tested, as well as technically advanced, standard components ensure a safe and efficient revenue service. Each tram accommodates up to 121 passengers and has been customised to meet the city’s requirements.

To date, more than 600 FLEXITY Classic trams have been ordered worldwide and operate in cities such as Adelaide, Bremen, Dresden, Kassel, Krakow and Leipzig.

In cities worldwide, as a solution to congestion, the tram is making a welcome reappearance on the streets helping cities to breathe again. With increasing urbanisation, the demand for light rail solutions that are both technologically advanced and imaginatively designed is set to go from strength to strength. As market leader in the light rail segment, Bombardier offers modern mobility solutions fitting the requirements of any city with its FLEXITY family. The most comprehensive portfolio of the industry ranges from 100 per cent low-floor trams, 70 per cent low-floor trams and light rail vehicles to proven dual system solutions.

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